Zack Snyder teases RPG on ‘ridiculous scale’

Zack Snyder teases RPG on 'ridiculous scale'

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Directed by Zack Snyder, known for such films as 300, watchman and his “Snyder Cut” Justice League, said he was working on an RPG video game with a “ridiculous scale”. The project will be set in the same universe as its upcoming Netflix sci-fi film. Rebel Moon.

“The only thing I’m really having a good time with – and I don’t even know if I should be talking about it – this RPG we’re doing is literally insane and so addictive and so intense and so huge,” Snyder said. in an interview on nerd queens podcast.

The director did not reveal further details other than the game’s connection to Rebel Moon, including what kind of role-playing game it is, though he assumed it was a video game. Snyder noted that he did not want to create a “casual” game, but a game made on a “ridiculous scale”.

Discussion Rebel Moon in April 2022, Snyder said on BroBible podcast after the credits“Frankly, what really interests me with Rebel Moon creates a romantic sci-fi movie on a scale that is, frankly, as big as it can possibly be.”

He added about the scope of the Netflix film: “I have never done a sci-fi film of this magnitude. Start Man of Steel Krypton has some pretty big sci-fi elements, but it’s still Krypton and there are certain iconographic things you need to do. And that’s what we do in Rebel Moonbut on the biggest steroids I can give it.”

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