Why you should consider a private villa for your next family holiday

Family vacations often include multi-generational groups that can range from grandparents to grandchildren and everyone in between, and so it can be difficult to organize the right travel plans and accommodations to suit everyone.


But renting a private villa might be the way to go the next time you bring your kids, grandchildren, aunts and uncles on your next trip together. Villas of Distinction are a particularly good choice for your next family vacation and are often on par with resort prices.

Reason #1: Space for everyone

Private villas often offer the best space options for everyone, with everyone in mind. Parents, for example, can enjoy connecting bedrooms with their children, or separate suites for older children and teens.

Aiola, Tuscany
Aiola, Tuscany (photo courtesy of Villas of Distinction)

Large groups, especially multi-generational groups, can share living spaces while enjoying separate sleeping quarters. For very large groups who cannot stay in the same villa, they can rent two villas that are neighbors and therefore have shared access to both villas and shared facilities while maintaining a greater sense of privacy.

Reason #2: Privacy

The second reason why private villas are great for families is that they private: It will not be difficult for you to find enough sun loungers next to each other by the pool for your whole family, because your family has a pool just for you!

Greensleeves in Barbados
Greensleeves in Barbados (photo courtesy of Villas of Distinction)

Children can also play anywhere on the hotel grounds without worrying about strangers, while adults can enjoy breakfast in pajamas – something they wouldn’t be able to do in a resort if they didn’t order room service.

Private villas also offer more space overall than a traditional hotel or resort: families can gather to cook homemade meals together in the fully equipped kitchen, watch movies in the spacious living room, and spend time playing outdoor games on the lawn overlooking nature. . the sea and swim in the pool, not being afraid to accidentally splash in the face of a stranger.

Reason #3: Flexibility

The final reason why renting a private villa is such a great family vacation idea is flexibility: You don’t live on someone else’s schedule, but on your own. Families can choose the meal times, play times and exploration times that suit them best – even if their private villa has a private chef.

Those with dietary restrictions will also enjoy the ability to cook or enjoy a meal prepared by the chef, which they can eat without having to ask the waiter for additional options, such as those with gluten intolerance.

Villa Lido, Jamaica
Villa Lido, Jamaica (photo courtesy of Villas of Distinction)

Private villas are also often equipped with their own kayaks and paddle boards or built-in saunas, games rooms, gyms, and family amenities such as playgrounds and plunge pools, allowing families of any generation to enjoy resort-free amenities.

Renting a private villa can be a game changer for families looking for more flexibility, space and privacy for their next vacation.

Check out the Villas of Distinction section to learn more about the benefits of renting a private villa.

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