Who Killed Jeffrey Dahmer And Why? Where Is His Killer, Is He In Prison?

Who Killed Jeffrey Dahmer And Why? The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, a true crime film directed by Ryan Murphy, premiered on Netflix in September to lukewarm reviews.

Many viewers and reviewers felt the show didn’t provide enough screen time to Jeffrey Dahmer’s 17 victims, despite the fact that the film’s creators insisted that was the point.

The limited series, headlined by Evan Peters, follows Dahmer from his youth through his murderous adulthood, trial, and eventual death in jail.

At the same time, Christopher Scarver was incarcerated. Fully Mac portrays him on the show, but who was Scarver really, and what happened to him after Dahmer was killed? What does that mean? Read on.

Who is Christopher Scarver?

Who is Christopher Scarver?

Convicted American murderer Christopher Scarver. In 1994, while both were inmates at Columbia Correctional Institution, he murdered serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer.

Scarver was a trainee carpenter in the Wisconsin Conservation Corps, but he was let go from his position when his supervisor moved on.

After that, in 1990, Scarver threatened the new supervisor of the Wisconsin Conservation Corps, Steve Lohman, with a rifle and said he was hearing voices.

Scarver shot Lohman in the head out of frustration when he was only given $15. After Scarver had John Feyen, the site manager, shoot Lohman twice more, Scarver received a $3,000 check.

Scarver fled the scene but was eventually caught, charged, and given a life sentence for the murder of Steve Lohman. Scarver went to prison in 1992, doing time at CCI. Jeffrey Dahmer’s manner of death is unknown.

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Die?

How Did Jeffrey Dahmer Die?

Jeffrey Dahmer was put to work with convicted murderer Christopher Scarver and another inmate named Jesse Anderson on November 28th, 1994.

Scarver hit both Dahmer and Anderson with a 20-inch iron bar off a piece of exercise equipment as the three were working in the prison gymnasium’s lavatory when they were left alone. When the officers returned to his cell early, they discovered Dahmer and Anderson inside.

Dahmer was pronounced dead an hour after being transferred to the hospital, while Anderson passed away from his wounds two days after being taken off life support.

Dahmer had been severely beaten by Scarver, who had repeatedly hit him against a wall, causing him to suffer significant injuries to his head and face. According to Scarver, Dahmer made no sounds as he was being attacked.

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Why did Christopher Scarver kill Jeffrey Dahmer?

On his return to his cell, Scarver reportedly informed a guard, as reported by Associated Press: “I did it because I believed God wanted me to. We have lost Jesse Anderson and Jeffrey Dahmer.” The New York Times reported that while behind bars, Scarver had been prescribed anti-psychotic medicine.

A few things are mentioned in the article: “Racially charged atrocities committed by white men Jeffrey Dahmer and Timothy Anderson strained relations in Milwaukee.

Mr. Dahmer’s victims overwhelmingly consisted of people of color (mostly black and Hispanic), while Mr. Anderson, who murdered his wife, blamed two black men for the killing.”

It was assumed, without proof, that Scarver’s crimes were motivated by racism. After his initial life sentence, Scarver reportedly said, “Nothing white people do to blacks is just,” claiming he was a victim of racism.

Scarver was found to have the mental capacity to stand trial, and he was given two consecutive life terms for the murders of Dahmer and Anderson. According to the parole board, he does not meet the criteria for release.

In The Present Day, Where Is Christopher Scarver?

Colorado’s Centennial Correctional Facility is the current home for Christopher Scarver. After Dahmer’s death, he filed a civil rights lawsuit in 2004 against Wisconsin Secure.

Program Facility, alleging that he had been subjected to inhumane treatment in violation of his constitutional rights. Neither the original court nor the appeals court sided with Scarver.

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