When the airline refuses to pay compensation for the flight, the passenger sends a bailiff to collect the money

When the airline refuses to pay compensation for the flight, the passenger sends a bailiff to collect the money

Frequent flyers often think that Europe has good consumer protections and wish the US had something like “EU 261” that provides monetary compensation for flight delays as well as flight cancellations.

But the problem is with the airlines. often just don’t get paid when the rules say they should. And European governments often take no action. Or they just take customer complaints and never process them.

It can be quite a hassle that I have often suggested that readers take their claims to one of the companies that will file on your behalf for a percentage of what they refund. However, even this has risks. For example,

  • Finnair had several delays when they introduced the Airbus A350. These were maintenance delays and the Finnish Consumer Protection Board sided with the passengers who filed compensation claims.
  • However, Finnair said: “No, it manufacturing defects and through the fault of Airbus, not something that falls under EU 261′. They sued the company that made these claims on behalf of the passengers and this company filed for bankruptcy.
  • Thus, Finnair pursued the passengers who were claiming US$8,200 in legal fees and successfully won the case. It was literally crazy

So you have to root for the passenger, so compensation is due, and he sends bailiffs to recover from the airline. This is exactly what happened in the UK when Wizz Air failed to pay. The bailiffs left for London Luton Airport.

The low-cost airline canceled Russell Quirk’s flight from Portugal last year three hours before he was due to fly and offered to book a new flight that would be returned.

The last minute flight cost £2,500 for him and his family.

Despite this commitment, Wizz Air did not return the money to him until he filed a lawsuit and bailiffs arrived at Luton Airport to return the money.

7 months passed, bailiffs appeared at the airport, but the passenger received the money. Sending a bailiff works because if employees don’t pay, the bailiff can literally confiscate and sell office furniture and equipment. One Star Alliance even canceled a flight in 2019 to avoid sending the plane to where they knew the bailiff would be waiting.

The irony, of course, is that all passengers on that canceled flight were then entitled to €250 apiece in EC 261 compensation – which, as you know, an airline wishing to cancel a flight to avoid paying a single €250 claim is not going to pay. .

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