What Are the Joint Recesses in the Second Year of Session?

The Joint Rules of the California State Senate and Assembly contain more than sixty provisions, including Joint Rule 51, which deals with the legislative calendar.

Subdivision (b) of Joint Rule 51 deals with the second, or even-numbered, year of the Legislature’s 2-year legislative session. Joint Rule 51(b) requires the two houses of the Legislature to observe three recesses during the second year (i.e., the even year) of the regular session. Those recesses are the following:

Spring Recess—The Legislature shall be in recess from the 10th day prior to Easter until the Monday after Easter.

Summer Recess—The Legislature shall be in recess during the month of July. This recess may not commence until the Budget Bill is passed.

Final Recess—The Legislature shall be in recess on September 1 until adjournment sine die on November 30.

The remainder of the legislative calendar for the California Legislature’s second year of session is forth in Joint Rule 61(b) related to legislative deadlines.

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