What are the components of the California Codes?

California has over 155,000 individual laws. These laws are placed in one of 29 codes that this state names, unlike the federal government and some states that assign a number. California’s 29 codes begin with the Business and Professions Code and end with the Social Security and Institutions Code, with 27 other codes in between.

What are the constituent parts of these 29 codes?

Section 6 of the Social Security and Institutions Code notes that the headings of sections, parts, chapters, articles and sections contained in the Codes are not to be construed as regulating, limiting, modifying or in any way affecting the scope, meaning or purpose. provisions of any section, part, chapter, article or section of this document. These are the constituent parts of the Codes.

Just like an account has a format or hierarchy, each code has its own format. Each code has its own hierarchy of provisions and organization, but the following format is commonly used:








Is it becoming narrower than a section? Yes. Title 10 of the California Public Service Code defines the term “section” as a section of the code, unless otherwise specifically mentioned. The term “subsection” means a subsection of a section in which that term occurs, unless some other section is expressly mentioned.

Each section of code is further organized into different divisions:

Chapter __.

(a) Division

(1) Item

(A) Subparagraph

(i) Clause

(I) Subclause

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