Watch these Lake Ontario surfers brave the near-icy water in the first waves.

Watch these Lake Ontario surfers brave the near-icy water in the first waves.

Ellisburg, New York. Sometimes it takes a total loser to surf in upstate New York.

In this case, surfers from LOSERS (Lake Ontario Surfing Enthusiast Revival Society) targeted a location north of Southwich Beach State Park, where light breezes, six-foot waves, and 41°F water created ideal conditions for escaping from work and play sports. The shores of Lake Ontario, which is good because they won’t blink an eye, and also surf well on the waves wet with chunks of ice.

But don’t be fooled, the constant wave conveyor has hidden a raging storm underneath.

“Tomorrow I’m going to be bad,” said Mike Morgia, financial advisor and mastermind behind the underdogs.

According to him, another problem is to combine extremely hot and cold surfing in these waters. After about an hour and a half in rough waves, cold water hitting your exposed face contrasts with the feeling of sweating in thick wetsuits. Olin Warren, another surfer in the group, said it was one of the hardest things to do, going through fluctuating temperatures and cold, pushing yourself through the current to find a clean enough wave to surf.

After a day of surfing, with the sun almost gone below the horizon, Morgia and the rest of the LOSERS keep an eye on the weather to make sure conditions aren’t favorable next time. “You will never get too old for this.”

Check out the surfers in the video above and learn more about the band here.

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