Virtuix targets Omni One VR treadmills for home consumers

Virtuix said it is delivering Omni One VR treadmills to its investor community in preparation for a wider consumer launch later this year. He also raises more money through a crowdfunding campaign.

The company said it is launching a consumer version of the Omni One later this year. It will be an omnidirectional treadmill that will allow players to walk or run in any direction in video games and other virtual environments.

Austin, Texas-based Virtuix said it has a waiting list for Omni One of more than 35,000 subscribers who signed up online.

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Omni One is a virtual reality entertainment system that currently comes with the Pico Neo 3 Pro headset and works right out of the box without requiring a PC or other peripherals, providing a seamless user experience.

Virtuix worked closely with Pico to customize the Omni One headset system. Equipped with the same processor and resolution as Meta’s popular Quest 2 but offers a wider field of view, the Neo 3 Pro headset comes with Omni One operating software including social features and its own 30-title game store at launch.

Omni One is the home version of the Virtuix virtual reality treadmill.

Inspired by the popular Omni Pro, the commercial version of Omni available at over 500 entertainment venues in 45 countries, Omni One is designed to fit in your living room or anywhere else in your home. Compared to the Omni Pro, the Omni One is lighter, more compact (4ft diameter), easy to fold or move, and gives players unparalleled freedom of movement, including crouching, kneeling, and jumping.

“We are thrilled with Omni One,” said Jan Goetgelyuk, founder and CEO of Virtuix. “After a long and difficult development process spanning Covid-19 and supply chain constraints, Omni One has proven to be an amazing product that embodies our company’s original vision for an active virtual reality entertainment system for the home. Our commercial products have played over 3 million times in entertainment venues around the world, and we’ve built a fanatical player community of over 300,000 registered players. We can’t wait to bring our popular gaming experience to the homes of our many players and fans.”

The Omni One starts at $2,595 plus shipping. The Omni One price includes both the treadmill and the high-end Pico headset ($699 market value).

Omni One allows you to walk or run in video games or other virtual worlds in any direction and anywhere.
speed while occupying a small area. This allows unrestricted full body movement, including crouching, kneeling, and jumping.

It has safety features to prevent you from falling and hitting walls or other people.

“The Omni One is not just a next-level gaming device,” Goetgelyuk added. “It also keeps you fit by burning calories while you play! Think of the Omni One as an exercise bike for gamers or parents who want to get their kids off the couch.”

Virtuix has raised $35 million to date.

The complete system with all accessories weighs approximately 150 pounds (70 kg). It is designed for users from 4’4″ to 6’4″ (132 cm to 192 cm) tall and weighing up to 250 pounds (113 kg).

Getgelyuk said unsatisfied demand from fans prompted the company to release a home product in addition to the commercial product.

“Given our success in the outdoor advertising market, we are uniquely positioned to bring our popular virtual reality experience to millions of homes around the world,” said Getgelyuk.

Virtuix Omni One’s first customer, Dale Western, described what motivates consumers like him to
buy Omni One.

“I decided to buy the Omni One because I was looking for a more immersive VR experience, rather than sitting on the couch and pretending to be in VR,” Western said in a statement. “I wanted to physically feel it. It’s all I hoped for. Being able to move around really makes you feel like you’re in the game. And I’m going to lose weight with Omni One. It’s amazing.”

Investors also share this enthusiasm for Omni One. Getgelyuk said more than 900 Virtuix crowdfunded investors have applied to buy beta devices, and the company is extending the beta program until the end of 2023. Getgelyuk added that the number available to beta clients will be small at first and will gradually increase as the program progresses.

Backed by major investors, Virtuix has raised $35 million and delivered over $16 million worth of products to date, including over 4,000 Omni Pro systems in 45 countries and over 70 Omni Arena systems (sales price $174,000) to US entertainment centers. like Dave and Buster. Virtuix’s commercial content platform, Omniverse, has been played over 3 million times.

Before bringing Omni One to the mass market, Virtuix will raise awareness of Omni One among consumers, gamers and the investment community by launching the Reg CF campaign as part of its Series B funding round (investors can skip the line to order Omni One). ahead of the general public, and they get a 30% discount (worth $780) or more on the Omni One.

In 2013, after two years of research, experimentation and prototyping, Getgelyuk left his job in finance and founded Virtuix to bring his “Omni” concept to market. Today, under the leadership of a management team and advisory board with over 100 years of experience in the gaming and hardware industry, Virtuix has built an intellectual property portfolio of 19 issued patents and eight pending patents covering Omni mechanical design, motion tracking, and game integration. .

Virtuix has an ever expanding and dedicated player base of over 300,000 registered Omni players on commercial platforms. This large community of gamers, together with a base of thousands of commercial Omni Pro systems around the world, provide a direct, low-cost sales channel for Omni One.

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