VIDEO: Driver in Brooklyn ran a red light, resulting in an accident that killed two pedestrians, injured five

An uncontrolled driver ran a red light in Brooklyn on Monday, setting off a horrific chain reaction that killed two pedestrians and injured five, police said.

A 49-year-old man ran a red light on Eighteenth Avenue at 64th Street in Bensonhurst around 12:50 p.m., police said.

He crashed into a black Honda heading east on 64th Street and lost control of the sidewalk, shocking security footage from the scene.

A pizzeria employee down the block recalled a horrific accident.

“He flew in here,” Vito Conigliaro said of the driver. “There was a big explosion… It hit a car, then a lamppost and flew onto the pavement.”

Conigliaro watched as the driver, who he said was driving a white Toyota Camry, crashed into a woman crossing the street.

“She was covered in blood on the floor,” he said. “They beat her in the chest, but she didn’t react.”

Another witness said the man was driving at such a high speed that the car was “shaking”.

“He hit a black car and a woman crossing the road,” Osama Chafik said. “She flew away and died immediately.”

Toyota drove onto the sidewalk and crashed into a lamppost.

“There were two passengers in the cabin. [Toyota]Conigliaro said. “The guy from behind flew into the front, and his head broke through the windshield. It was sticking out of the windshield.”

Chafik tried to help the trapped man by muttering, “Please help me.”

“He was a bloody mess,” Chafik said.

When Conigliaro drew attention to the black Honda that the driver had crashed into, he saw that one of the victims was almost thrown out of the car.

“The guy in the black car was dead,” a shocked witness said. “The woman was inside. They had to take the car apart to get it out.”

When rumors quickly spread that someone was breathing in the Honda, Chafik and other bystanders ran to the car and smashed the window.

“We disabled the airbags and pulled the woman out,” Chafik, 32, said. “Her eyes rolled back to the back of her head. [The man] didn’t move. You want to hope, but I see that there was no hope.

Two people were taken to the Maimonides hospital, but they could not be saved. Another was taken to the same hospital where he was clinging to life as of Monday evening.

Four others were taken to area hospitals and are expected to survive.

The 49-year-old man blew out the lights on Eighteenth Avenue at 64th Street in Bensonhurst around 12:50 p.m., police said.

The driver who provoked the accident remained at the scene and was detained, police said.

He was not immediately charged as the police continued to investigate the accident. The police are investigating if he was drunk.

“I have never seen anything like this in my life,” Conigliaro said of the crash. “I still wonder what the hell happened.

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