Vaccine hesitant man changed his mind over the Covid-19 vaccines when he ended up in hospital, his anti-vax wife lost the battle with the virus

It has been almost a year since the vaccines against Covid-19 were rolled out in United States, but there are millions of people who still remain vaccine hesitant and decide not to get the shot. From incentives to mandates, companies and the federal government are doing everything in their power to improve the vaccination rates, but there are folks that simply refuse everything.

The vaccines are not perfect and they are not offering 100% protection against the deadly virus, but they are still the best option we have and the only way to end the pandemic. Vaccines are proven to work against severe condition lowering the risk of hospitalizations and deaths, but some people rely on misinformation sometimes leading to fatality.

This was the case with one Minnesota couple who definitely made the wrong choice not to get vaccinated against Covid-19 when they decided to listen to their anti-vax friends, family relatives and the misinformation spread online instead of listening to their daughter, a healthcare worker.

The 42-year-old Jeremy and his 40-year-old wife Monica were both vocal against the COVID-19 vaccine and remained vaccine hesitant until late October when they contracted the virus, their condition worsened and they were admitted to a local hospital for treatment where they were fighting for their lives.

Their treatment lasted for several weeks and they ended up on oxygen support for some time during the treatment. Monica lost the battle with the virus and was pronounced dead on November 26. Jeremy survived, but he is still recovering from the virus. While he was fighting for his life in hospital, he revealed that he changed his mind about the vaccine and urged others to get it.

Neither Jeremy nor Monica were vaccinated, and each had shared anti-vaccine, anti-mandate posts on Facebook. Ironically, their daughter Faith, who works as a surgical tech, was begging them to get the vaccine since the vaccines were rolled out in December last year, but the couple decided to rely on misinformation they found online and listening to their anti-vax friends.

“I BEGGED them to get the vaccine, pleaded. But because ignorant fools decide to spread false information, my parents didn’t believe me,” Faith said. “I am so furious and scared. I pray to god none of you have to deal with both of your parents in the ICU because of Covid,” she went on in October when her parents were admitted to hospital.

In the last couple of months, Faith frequently posted statistics and studies on the vaccine, showing how the vast majority of those hospitalized, admitted to the ICU, and put on ventilators with COVID have been unvaccinated.

Faith’s parents sticked to their anti-vaccine and anti-mandate beliefs leading to family arguments home on what’s right and what’s wrong. The couple was also vocal on social media where they shared a lot of anti-vax content and even arguing with other people online.

Speaking to ABC affiliate WDIO, Jeremy said: ‘I should’ve taken the risk and gotten the shot so I might not have had to go through something like this.

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