US Senate race in California in 2024: where is she now after Feinstein’s victory

Since the last Globe report in February, the race for the 2024 California Senate seat for Senator Dianna Feinstein has continued to evolve, with more candidates looking to run, others confirming they’ve dropped out, and some playing to get more attention. at the start of the race. With the lines still blurred for many, the Globe decided to take another look at how the race is currently running in mid-March.

Who in?

Over the past few months, no major has officially entered the race. The Democrats are still made up of the Big Three: Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA), Rep. Kathy Porter (D-California), and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-California).

Among the Republicans, only one officially joined, educator Denis Gary-Pandol. None of the other parties, including independent candidates, have also made it through so far.

Who can be inside?

The biggest Democratic candidate to show interest is Rep. Ro Hannah (R-Calif.), who has yet to make a formal decision anyway. Congressman Lou Correa (R-Calif.), Secretary of Health and Human Services Xavier Becerra, Lt. Gov. Eleni Kunalakis, and Gov. Gavin Newsom have also not officially ruled out running in the election.

Meanwhile, the Republican Party has seen more candidate files to run. Health Chief Executive James Bradley earlier this month filed for a second straight Senate race, joining 2016 Oakland mayoral candidate Peter Liu and attorney Barack Mandela. Lawyer Eric Earley, like Hannah, also showed interest.

It is also possible to run for a well-known celebrity or other prominent MP who has not yet been considered, as well as a third party or independent candidate.

Who got out?

Along with Feinstein, California Attorney General Rob Bonta, San Francisco Mayor London Breed, former Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf and Los Angeles County Commissioner Holly Mitchell, former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is on this month’s “thanks but no” list. Although he was not expected in the race, a few weeks ago, speculative rumors began to gain momentum, due to which he withdrew. More are expected to join in the coming months.

Who supports whom?

Endorsements have still flickered in the race so far. Schiff won the support of dozens of senators and members of the State Assembly, as well as Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg and more than a dozen members of Congress. Lee got Breed, Schaaf, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown, several state legislators, and United Farm Workers (UFW) co-founder Dolores Huerta. And despite her claim that there will be no gimmicks in her run, many actors have come out in support of her, including Danny Glover and Jamie Foxx.

Meanwhile, Porter remained fairly stagnant, still clinging to the initial endorsement of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Since the recent collapse of the Silicon Valley bank, both Porter and Schiff have been trying to solve banking problems since its collapse, potentially attracting additional support that could attract more supporters.

What will happen next?

The final decisions of potential candidates are likely to be made this spring, with Hannah and a potential major Republican nominee being the most anticipated.

New polls will also likely show where Californians currently stand, as well as new endorsements. If Newsom does not run, his support will be most sought after by candidates, as will potential support from President Joe Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris.

With big shifts in the race soon, the spring is expected to shore up those running for the Senate.

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