Trina Solar’s game-changing move: A mega-manufacturing hub in North Texas

In a move emphasizing its optimism on renewable energy, Trina Solar, known for intelligent solar innovations, has decided to set up a vast manufacturing unit in Wilmer, North Texas.

The upcoming facility, grand in its design, will span over a million square feet, focusing on producing high-capacity photovoltaic (PV) modules, according to Dallas Metro News. Notably, it will make the company’s Vertex modules, recognized for their superior power output.

These Vertex modules from Wilmer will uniquely use large-format, 210-millimeter wafers. Prioritizing supply chain integrity, Trina Solar plans to source its polysilicon materials mainly from reputable US and European suppliers.

The state-of-the-art PV modules have diverse applications across sectors. Importantly, they are designated to play a central role in achieving a net-zero energy setting for Wells Fargo’s upcoming regional hub in nearby Irving. This move exemplifies the potential of incorporating renewables into major institutional infrastructure, pushing us closer to a sustainable future.

The facility’s construction is set to start production in 2024. Beyond pushing the boundaries of renewable energy, this venture is expected to significantly boost the local economy. Trina Solar’s hefty investment, surpassing $200 million for land and advanced machinery, is predicted to create over 1,500 local jobs.

“Trina’s commitment to our community through this manufacturing unit will ensure Wilmer’s continued prosperity,” Wilmer Mayor Shelia Petta remarked.

She further expressed enthusiasm about the rejuvenation of manufacturing in Southern Dallas County, highlighting the region’s burgeoning growth.

This marks Trina’s inaugural module factory in the Western Hemisphere.

“With this factory, we’re setting a precedent for future expansions in the U.S., proving our dedication to deliver top-tier products. More investments in American communities will be announced soon. We’re indebted to Texas, Dallas County, and Wilmer for their collaboration on this project,” shared Steven Zhu, Trina’s North American region president.

Since its inception in 1997 and its US operations beginning in 2006, Trina Solar has become a key player in clean energy, offering various PV modules and smart energy solutions.

Meanwhile, not far in Mesquite, Canadian Solar revealed plans in June for a new PV module production unit. With a projected investment of $250 million, it’s also expected to add roughly 1,500 jobs to the area’s workforce.

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