Timeshares are a scam, but is the timeshare exit industry… worse? [Roundup]

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  • If China arms Russia, the US should kill China’s Aircraft Industry Oy. No no no no no. Do not do it. I repeat, don’t do this.
  • John Oliver on timeshare. The only timeshare purchase I can think of was a blogger who managed to convince Disney to let him name his purchase LLC, believing he could always bankrupt the LLC if he had to…

  • Hobby airport chapel hosts the first wedding as a long-distance couple tie the knot during a layover.
  • This officer remains surprisingly reserved (let me know if you have any additional context here)

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  • I’ve been struggling to make sure Citi finally unveils their new travel portal with Booking.com online and Miles Earn and Burn goes out of their way to say holy cow.

    New travel portal Citi launched. So who cares? I mean I don’t agree, but a few remarks:

    • You can book Disney hotels through the portal for about 2-3% more than booking directly through Disney.
    • You can book tickets to Universal Studios, Kennedy Space Center, and a host of other theme parks through the portal at around 2-3% markups.
    • You cannot book Disney tickets through the portal

    Once again: so what, who cares? Well, maybe we are, because until June 30, 2024, you earn 10x ThankYou Points at hotels and attractions when you book through the portal, if you have a Citi Premier or Prestige card, which means that even at a low cost at 1 cent per point you still come. 7-8% up front compared to direct booking of these items.

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