#TikTokMadeMeBuyIt: the future of social commerce

Driven by Generation Z and Millennials, social commerce is predicted to grow three times faster than traditional e-commerce, with a projected $1.2 trillion by 2025.

This is not surprising to experts. The viral hashtag and phenomenon #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has garnered 28.6 billion views, including ads, influencer content and reviews. This involvement has seen brands like CeraVe, The Pink Stuff and elf Cosmetics skyrocket, as well as selling out items like the Revlon one-step hair dryer and the Lululemon fanny pack.

Brands are struggling to reach new social platforms such as BeReal, “a photo-sharing app that allows users to post one photo a day to show their followers what they’re doing in real time,” which is mostly used by Generation Z For example, Chipotle experimented with coupon codes, and elf Cosmetics used BeReal to show what their offices look like from the inside.

In short, social commerce is no longer a proposition, but an essential element of ecommerce sales planning. A great social program can make or break a brand’s image or engagement; there is a difference between doing it and doing it right.

Here are three best practices for your social commerce strategy.

Know your audience and engage

Use the power of data to figure out who your audience is. Knowing your audience (gender, age, location, preferences), you can create content that will not only grab their attention, but also drive sales.

You may know your audience, but your work is not yet done. You have to follow trends, influencers and popular culture. For example, the social media rebranding of singer Harry Styles’ cosmetics company Pleasing has gained attention as it targets Generation Z consumers and focuses on more “authentic” and up-to-date content. Users suspect that viral TikTok influencer (and Meghan Trainor’s friend) Chris Olsen runs the brand’s page, further boosting engagement.

This example explains the importance of not only knowing your audience, but also engaging with them in the right way to keep building loyalty and awareness. Messaging tools allow a brand to interact with consumer concerns, testimonials and testimonials.

Quick, smart, humorous or exciting responses show the consumer that the business is present and focused on the customer experience. Also, social media can be a great way to serve customers in case of issues or issues. A quick response to a decision can bring a customer back to your brand.

Stay up to date with new features

Social networks are constantly updating and releasing new features to adapt to the behavior and desires of users. Instagram has been updated to focus on more Reels video content. Facebook has adjusted the shopping functionality. TikTok has changed video length to accommodate long content and has taken over YouTube’s sponsorship of VidCon this year. That’s how these apps remain popular. So your social presence and commerce should follow suit by embracing change.

Good examples of new technologies that can bring customers to your website. Through visual discovery, customers can see new insights that complement the 2022 Instagram swipe feature, allowing brands to inspire and boost sales. Testing which features work best for your brand can drive customers to your ecommerce site and increase your brand’s presence.

Offer quality content

The secret sauce for perfect content can be surprising. On paper, it sounds simple – good product, shoot in high resolution and voila! In fact, this is content that should provide value to the client and encourage a transition to your site or product.

Successful content varies for different brands. For example, language learning app Duolingo has boosted brand awareness by including its mascot in short trending videos and partnering with other famous (and amazing) brands like Scrub Daddy.

They went from 500,000 to 2 million subscribers in less than six months. Other brands focus on storytelling and emotional connection with customers. Ulta openly supports social issues such as transgender rights, proudly sponsoring influencer Dylan Mulvaney. This led to a surge in brand loyalty, with users declaring that they would shop exclusively at Ulta this past holiday season.

Social commerce is also a great way to create quality content that shows your customers how to use, style or experience your products. A 2021 Nielsen study found that people find ads on TikTok more engaging, real, honest, trustworthy, and authentic. The study also found that 60% of users experience a sense of community on TikTok.

By collaborating with influencers, you can make content more authentic and increase click-through rates. Social commerce is an indispensable addition to any marketing strategy. It can increase sales, drive traffic, improve brand image, and increase customer engagement. Opening up your brand to current and new audiences and trends can help completely transform your business.

Zohar Gilad is the co-founder and CEO of Fast Simon..

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