The shooting suspect who shot and killed Mesquite police officer in December indicted

Mesquite, Texas – The 37-year-old Jamie Jaramillo, the suspect accused of shooting and killing a Mesquite police officer in December, was indicted earlier this week.

According to the incident report, Jaramillo shot and killed officer Richard Houston as soon as the officer arrived outside a busy grocery store responding to a domestic dispute 911 call.

According to court documents, Jaramillo’s wife had just confronted him about his infidelity. His alleged mistress called the police on the irate wife.

It still remains a mystery why the suspect took his gun and shot the officer once he arrived at the scene. The suspect tried to kill himself after the shooting, but survived.

Jaramillo’s wife was arrested on assault charges related to the initial disturbance, not Houston’s murder.

Prosecutors have not said whether they will seek the death penalty.

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