The Republican Party demands information from the New York attorney about the case against Donald Trump

Orlando, Florida. House Republicans rallied in defense of former President Donald Trump ahead of his possible indictment, demanding that the Manhattan district attorney who is investigating provide documents and come for an interview.

On Monday, the Republican chairs of three House committees sent a letter to Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg, Democrat, asking for information about his handling of the Trump case, which they described as “an unprecedented abuse of prosecutorial power.” They requested statements as well as documents and copies of any communications with the Department of Justice.

No authorities wanted to take over the case, but then “what has changed? President Trump announces that he is running for President and Shazam,” said Rep. Jim Jordan, D-Ohio, chairman of the Judiciary Committee, shortly after the letter was sent.

The letter to Bragg, effectively demanding transparency in the criminal investigation, suggested that the Republicans intended to use their majority in the House of Representatives to protect Trump when he runs for the second time for the presidency.

Both Bragg and the DOJ appear unlikely to respond to the request, given the prosecution’s longstanding practice of not disclosing active cases.

Bragg’s office said in a statement that he would not be intimidated by attempts to undermine the justice process.

Not to mention whether Bragg will comply with the chairmen’s demand, the statement said prosecutors will not allow “unfounded allegations” to prevent it from fairly applying the law. He stated that his prosecution followed the law “without fear or favor”.

The grand jury case revolves around paying silence money to women who claimed to have had sexual contact with Trump. The Bragg team appears to be looking into whether Trump or anyone else committed crimes in New York State while arranging payments or how they accounted for them within the Trump Organization.

Prosecutors have not said when their work could end or when charges could be filed. But New York law enforcement is preparing for any riot if Trump is charged.

However, Rep. Brian Steil, chairman of the House Administrative Committee, said, “The potential action by the district attorney’s office is unprecedented as hell.” Steil, whose committee oversees election law, said lawmakers want to find out whether Bragg used federal resources throughout his investigation.

“I think there is a widespread concern about the politicization of the judiciary, and we are better off as a country if our judiciary as a whole is not politicized,” Steil said in an interview.

Republicans in the House of Representatives were staunch defenders of Trump when he was in office and largely supported him even after the attack on the Capitol on January 6, an unprecedented attack that was sparked by Trump’s lies about the stolen election. His claims were rejected by state and local authorities, the courts, and his own Department of Justice.

Republicans in the House of Representatives are in Orlando, Florida at a road party to strategize for the year, but Trump’s legal danger quickly became the focus as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and others grappled with questions about Trump’s call for supporters to protest and ” take back our nation.”

McCarthy, a California Republican, said there should be no protests or violence in response to the district attorney’s decision. But he focused on Bragg personally.

“People have already looked at these cases and said no,” McCarthy said. “So this guy is trying to create something when all the crime is happening in New York and he prides himself on not going after everyone else.”

“So you just see it’s pure politics.”

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