The public weighs in on the actions of the controversial SANDAG chief executive

The SANDAG Executive Committee addressed a number of issues at its Friday meeting, including an evaluation of the performance of its Executive Director, Hassan Ihrata.

The focus was on two topics: controversy over a road user levy, which some call a mileage tax, and the performance of the Ihrata, including allegations of corruption and misappropriation of public funds. Members of the public have spoken.

“I find it really insulting that our SANDAG wants to charge us more for being on the road when we haven’t even made our public transport more accessible,” said one of those who were specifically against the proposed road user charge. who supports Ihrata.

This undated photograph is of Hasan Ihrata.

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This undated photograph is of Hasan Ihrata.

“His unwillingness to compromise or sincerely engage and consider other points of view makes him completely unfit to lead this topographically and demographically diverse region,” said another opponent of Ihrata’s continued tenure at the transport agency.

But there were others who welcomed what they called the best leadership and management style under the Ikhrat, and what they see as a serious approach to achieving climate change goals.

“Before Hasan, there was corruption in SANDAG, and now we are seeing much more transparency, involvement and public participation, and I think this is the right direction,” said the Ihrata supporter.

“I want more in the direction that SANDAG is heading, more transparency, more attention to public transport. You can fix the roads, of course, but I want to disrupt the status quo, please,” said another.

Although the agenda item stated that the executive committee would discuss Ihrata’s speech, this did not happen publicly. Committee members voted to hold this discussion in closed session, that is, behind closed doors.

Whatever decision they make will be presented to the entire SANDAG Board of Directors at the March 24th meeting. At this point, more may be known about Ihrata’s future as head of SANDAG.

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