The neighborhood of Garland was hit by a severe storm

Neighbors in the Duck Creek area were hit hard after a fast-moving storm swept through their Garland area Thursday afternoon.

“Loud boom-boom,” said neighbor Greg Lomax, describing the storm. “I locked everyone in the closet.”

“I just heard a strong wind,” neighbor Alex Kavo said. “It was as if I heard a loud bang from behind. It was very loud.”

After the storm passed, it became clear to see the destruction of the wind as the damage was scattered all over the place.

“My net is there,” Cavo said, pointing to his football net in a neighbor’s yard. – That’s mine. She was here and went all the way there.”

The wind did more than just move things around.

“The roof is a mess,” Lomax said. – The chimney is mostly full of holes on the back side. The tiles are all in the garage area.

Neighbors are already cleaning up.

They just wonder what caused all this damage.

“It’s like something might have just landed and lifted back up because it’s very isolated,” Lomas said.

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