The Humane Society of San Diego rescues an osprey entangled in a fishing line

On Monday, the San Diego Humane Society’s Wildlife Project team helped rescue an osprey that had been wrapped in line by tying it to its nest high on a lamppost in Ocean Beach.

According to a statement from the Humane Society of San Diego, the bird was first seen stranded in the nest on Sunday afternoon.

“The osprey made several desperate attempts to free itself in order to feed its three chicks,” the statement said.

A rope entangled in her leg prevented the bird from freeing itself from its nest atop a searchlight at Robb Field, according to the SDHS.

The partner parent of the osprey was also seen nearby watching the nest and continued to bring food to the three chicks as the other parent was unable to do so, the statement said.

With the help of aerial platforms and personnel provided by SDG&E, rescuers were able to reach the bird’s nest 40 feet above the ground. According to SDHS, at the direction of Wildlife Project Senior Director Dr. John Enyart on the ground, SDG&E crews were able to free the bird and lower it to the ground.

“Fortunately, the Osprey received only minor scratches and bulges from being caught in the line and was released within minutes, minimizing the stress of human interaction,” SDHS said in a statement.

Immediately after being rescued, the osprey flew around the baseball field, and then quickly returned to its chicks, according to representatives of the Humane Society.

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