The former Locanda chef will open Pasta Supply Co. next week. in Inner Richmond.

If you love pasta, you’ll be thrilled with the new store coming up in Inner Richmond, which will eventually become a mini pasta factory, a pasta retail and cooking shop, and a restaurant. Pasta Supply Co. is the brainchild of chef Anthony Strong, who honed his pasta skills in Italy with the help of Italian grandmothers, according to SFist. Strong turned a former furniture store at 236 Clement into the pasta mecca of his dreams. According to Tablehopper, the new store will open for retail sales on March 25th.

Photo: Pasta Supply Co/Kickstarter

Strong is using the Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for the full launch and launch of Pasta Supply Co, and has done a lot of work on the space himself. “We started this project and I did all the design and assembly to save money on building during inflation, thank god for the DIY YouTube videos. But we need a little more runway to cross the finish line, staff up, pay for some major ADA and electrical upgrades, and start on the right foot,” Strong writes on his Kickstarter page.

Photo: Pasta Supply Co/Kickstarter

After serving as chef at restaurants such as Pizzeria Delfina and Locanda, Strong has never been short of food industry business ideas. He launched a delivery-only restaurant concept in 2017 and then opened his Prairie restaurant in 2018, which closed in the summer of 2020 due to the pandemic. Less than a year later, he launched the SuperStella Van, where he says he “found a vintage VW camper named Stella, remodeled it with a separate dining room for 4 guests, and hosted dinners behind the Ferry Building.”

Anthony Strong and his Stella van | Photo credit: @superstellavan/Instagram

Fast forward to today and Strong’s vision for Pasta Supply Co. clear as day. “We create a casual, fun space, a pasta play area, a mini factory behind a large freshly made pasta display, and everything you need for everyday pasta making or for special occasions at home. Our dining room will be small and comfortable,” Strong says on Kickstarter. Once the restaurant opens, it will seat about 40 guests and will serve four or five different types of pasta every day, several varieties of vegetables and, of course, wine. No date has yet been announced for the opening of the restaurant.

Photo: Pasta Supply Co/Kickstarter

In terms of retail space, Tablehopper says Strong will be offering “30 different types of homemade pasta and 12 sauces.” It is planned that it will be open from March 25 from 10:00 to 15:00.

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