The father of the Garland teenager who shot and killed three people last year has been officially indicated, the shooting suspect still at-large

Garland, Texas – The 33-year-old Richard Acosta Jr., the father of the 14-year-old Abel Elias Acosta accused of killing three people, has been officially indicated on a capital murder of multiple persons charge by a Dallas County grand jury Thursday.

As we already reported multiple times about the incident in the last few weeks, the fatal shooting took place one day after Christmas last year in a Garland Texaco, when the 14 years old Abel opened fire killing three teenagers and injuring one.

His father, who is now indicated, wasn’t directly involved in the shooting incident, but investigators gathered enough evidence to prove he helped his son in committing the crime.

According to the evidence, Richard drove his son at the scene where his son moments later shot to death the victims. That was also confirmed by the Garland PD:

“In the video, it’s clear as day, Abel Acosta was the one to pull the trigger. The father was in the car and he is still charged with capital murder,” Garland PD Lt. Pedro Barineau said. “There are certain parts of investigations and involvements in cases, where even though someone may not have caused the injury or damage, they too can be charged with the exact same crime.”

The surveillance video from the scene put the father there. As soon as multiple TV stations showed his image, he turned himself in. His son, however, is still on the run.

“We have not gotten any assistance from him. We have gotten nothing in leading to where Abel Acosta is,” Barineau said.

In an effort to find the shooting suspect, the Garland Police Department is offering $10,000 reward for an information that might lead to the suspect. Although the authorities are receiving tips about where the boy might be, none of those tips ended up to be helpful.

Few weeks after the fatal shooting, the police said they are not even sure if the boy is still in the country.

In a previous court hearing, Richard’s attorney said he did not see the shooting happen and did not know what his son was planning.

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