The community remembers San Francisco security guard Gavin Boston, who was killed while trying to protect Japantown Mall.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — On Tuesday, the Japantown and Western Addition communities in San Francisco mourned security guard Gavin Boston, who was killed earlier this month outside the Japan Center mall.

The police arrested two teenagers, who, in their opinion, are guilty of the crime.

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Boston’s brother Jonathan was in tears at the memorial. Gavin was a security guard in Japantown who died doing his job and trying to protect people at the mall.

“We were told that my brother was actually shot. We are just beginning to realize that he is no more,” said Jonathan Boston.

Gavin was 40 years old. Two teenagers, aged 14 and 15, were arrested in connection with the murder, which happened when Boston escorted one of them out of a mall. Surveillance footage captured the moments leading up to the shooting. The second teenager is not visible in the photographs.

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Tuesday night was a community meeting.

“We pray for his eternal rest and happiness,” said one woman.

“I want to admit to Gavin Boston’s family that there’s nothing we can say to get him back. I’m so sorry,” said Shakira Simley of the Booker T. Washington Community Service Center.

Family members say Gavin Boston spent seven minutes at the mall talking to the young man before taking him outside, where at least one shot was fired. In memory of him, candles are still lit and a note that says: “Gavin, you saved our community! Rip.’

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“He may have prevented a big tragedy,” Gavin’s sister Carla Searight said.

Sirite says that while some are calling for justice in the form of jail time, that’s not what most of her family is looking for.

“My brother would like this young man, he is only 15 years old, would like him to get all the help he needs to be able to move on and be a productive, kind and compassionate good person,” Seawright said.

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Most of the speakers here have addressed the issue of guns in the community with the hope that more can be done in the future.

“Second Amendment, the important thing is that it doesn’t say, it doesn’t say give guns to your children, and it doesn’t say give guns to people who are mentally unstable,” said Jonathan Boston.

Family members are grateful for all the community’s support in the aftermath of Gavin’s murder.

“Again, this is amazing, we appreciate it, and he deserves it,” Boston said.

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