The City of Santa Monica is aware of the Los Angeles County needle exchange program and is in talks to make changes

“We are in almost constant discussion with the county about their needle exchange program and how to get the help they need from the county.”

The biggest local news this week was that the Los Angeles County drug needle exchange program is operating in several Santa Monica parks. These include Tongwa Park, Palisades Park, and Reed Park, among other places. Giving drug addicts needles so they can inject heroin and other drugs seems incompatible with family life. That’s why we asked board member Phil Brock to comment on this issue.

“We’ve known about this program since November,” said Brock, a former commissioner for parks and recreation. “I understand the importance of needle exchange programs, but in my opinion, they should work indoors. It is safer both for the population and for the patients themselves.

Patients should participate in needle exchange programs in conjunction with an addiction recovery treatment program. Because otherwise we’re just creating a dependency.”

Brock said the city of Santa Monica would like to persuade Los Angeles County to move its needle exchange program to a facility, clinic, or other building. However, Los Angeles County and the staff at the Venice Family Clinic who runs the program believe it is best to work with dependent homeless people in Santa Monica parks.

Needle exchange programs “should not be held in any of our parks. I understand that people are addicted. end of the day. Keeping them dependent is not compassionate either for them or for our residents.”

“Personally, I’m concerned because I think the way Los Angeles County is doing this is dangerous. We had incidents (involving drug addicts) in Rida and Tongwe. For example, a 7 year old walked into one of our bathrooms in Memorial Park. and came out with a needle in her hands. “Mom, look! here is the needle,” she said.

“Our primary function as a municipal government is to keep our residents safe. But we have to admit that there are hundreds of homeless people in Santa Monica. Their needs must be met to ensure the safety of our residents.”

“I would like Los Angeles County to help us with mental health social workers. Giving needles to the homeless doesn’t help them as much as giving them psychological counseling. I think the county is wrong. kind of help.

John Alle

Homeless man in an elevator

“San Francisco has a huge drug problem in the Castro area, their tourism industry is down, hotel prices are down. They reclaimed Union Square by deploying mobile police units and clearing the area. Our problems are nothing compared to Seattle or San Francisco.”

“We are at the end of route 66. We have a lot to do. The final metro station is part of the problem. At the end of the day, the subway lets everyone out on 4th Street. only a few of them, who are addicted, commit crimes to satisfy their addiction to drugs.”

“Our police conducted a special operation in TJ Maxx, caught 6 shoplifters in 4 hours. These people trade stolen goods for drugs.

“We need help from Los Angeles County. Our city manager, David White, is in almost constant discussion with the county about their needle exchange program and how to get the help they need from the county.” Brock concluded.

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