The 14-year-old suspect accused for the Garland gas station shooting released, another suspect arrested, report

Garland, TX – The 14-year-old suspect who was arrested by the authorities previously accused for the deadly shooting in Garland gas station was released, but another suspect was taken into custody, the local police confirmed.

According to the local authorities, the teenager was released from jail after the 33-year-old suspect, identified as Richard Acosta Jr., turned himself in Monday night. Reportedly, the suspect saw himself on the news and decided to turn himself in.

He was taken into custody, charged with capital murder and held in jail on a $1 million bond.

Garland police said Acosta was the driver of the white truck that was seen on surveillance video outside the Texaco gas station on Walnut Lane Sunday evening.

From what was clearly seen on the surveillance video, the truck entered the gas station area shortly before the deadly shooting took place. The video then shows someone else get out of the truck, creek up to the front door of the gas station and open fire inside. Three teenagers were killed and a fourth was wounded.

Police initially arrested the 14-year-old as they believed that he was the shooter. However, after questioning him, he was released from jail and he hasn’t been charged for now.

“Detectives learned the 14-year-old male who was taken into custody has intimate knowledge of the shooting and he is cooperating with the investigation. Based on new information in the investigation, the 14-year-old is not being charged at this time,” the Garland Police Department said in a news release.

The investigation about the case is still ongoing. The teenager remains a person of interest as the local authorities are trying to obtain more evidence that can positively identify the shooter.

Police also now know the motive. It was a targeted attack on several of the store patrons in retaliation for an earlier incident, they said.

Once more details are available, we will update the case.

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