Texas Parks and Wildlife Department looks for input on specialty license plate design

Texans have until April 21 to vote on their favorite version of the roadrunner plate, which supports conservation efforts.

AUSTIN, Texas — Meep. Meep.

While it’s not the familiar cartoon character, Texans have a chance to vote on their favorite version of another specialty license plate that is expected to be unveiled soon.

The Greater Roadrunner will be featured on a new plate design, and Texas Parks and Wildlife officials want your help selecting your favorite from three options.

You can weigh in with your choice here.

The Greater Roadrunner is found in the greater southwestern United States, including Texas, and can travel at speeds of more than 18 miles per hour, and happens to be the state bird of neighboring New Mexico. (We couldn’t find a specialty plate available that featured the Mockingbird on the state vendor’s website.)

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The new design is part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Conservation License Plate Program, which has raised around $10 million over the past 21 years for rivers, state parks, big game research, and species management, according to the agency.

The bird designed-plate is one of the dozens of specialty license plates available to Texas vehicle owners. Some versions have been discontinued over the years due to low participation, while others like the black Lone Star plate, remain popular.

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Texans have until April 21, which happens to be San Jacinto Day, to vote on their favorite version of the Roadrunner plate.

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