Tensions escalate as LAUSD worker strike approaches

LAUSD workers prepare for strike tomorrow

LAUSD workers prepare for strike tomorrow


The Los Angeles Unified School District is running out of time to make a deal with tens of thousands of disillusioned employees.

In less than 24 hours, more than 60,000 LAUSD workers and teachers will walk out of schools after they stalled during labor negotiations last week.

“It’s not a matter of greed,” said LAUSD contributor Adrian Alverez. “We need to earn a living wage.”

Alverez and his fellow LAUSD guardians, special education assistants, and other support staff put forward several demands, including a 30% pay increase, more staff, and more hours for part-time workers.

“We live in this strange paradox as workers who help feed children, and yet we struggle to feed our own children,” Alverez said. “It’s a paradox. We help students get into college, but we don’t have enough money to send our kids to college.”

Superintendent Alberto Carvalho hopes both sides can return to the negotiating table by tweeting a statement saying:

“Let’s continue negotiations for as long as our students need,” he wrote. “We must avoid wasting instruction and time for social and emotional development.”

However, tensions continued to escalate after Union 99 of the International Service Workers Union said the district violated confidentiality by releasing information about the mediation meeting to the media before informing the union’s negotiating team.

“This afternoon, SEIU Local 99 agreed to begin a confidential mediation process with LAUSD to try to resolve our differences,” Chief Executive Max Arias said. “This is yet another example of the school district’s continued lack of respect for school employees. We are ready to strike.”

Arias also stated that the union did not negotiate with the LAUSD after it reached a dead end.

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