Teenager tested positive on Covid-19, his mother put him in the trunk of her car because she didn’t want to be exposed to the virus, won’t be charged

The Omicron is still spreading fast across the country and according to the numbers of new Covid-19 cases, this wave won’t end up anytime soon. However, it seems like some states already reached the peak of the Omicron wave as they are seeing slightly decreasing trend in new cases which comes as a relief for hospitals amid staffing shortage and limited capacities.

Those fully vaccinated and boosted are afraid of getting infected because the high transmissible Omicron variant easily evades both natural and vaccine immunity. Although vaccines provide significant protection against developing severe condition and death, the best way one to stay protected of getting infected is avoiding indoor gatherings, wearing face masks and maintaining social distance.

A woman from Texas, obviously very afraid of getting infected, went step further to keep herself protected of contracting the deadly virus when she decided to put and keep her son in the trunk of her car because the teenager tested positive on Covid-19 earlier that day and she didn’t want to be exposed to Covid-19.

The woman was identified as the 41-year-old S. Beam and she decided to take her son to get a confirmatory test at a local testing site after the teenager received his first positive at-home test on January 3.

When they arrived at the drive-thru testing site, the health services director at the site heard some weird noises coming from the trunk while Beam was waiting in the line to get tested. When they reached the giant tent, Beam got out of the car, opened the trunk and asked the testing site employees to test her son on Covid-19 who was laying down inside the vehicle. Beam explained the director she locked him in the trunk because he already tested positive and he had to be quarantined.

The health services director refused to test the teenager and told Beam they could not receive a Covid-19 test until the boy was seated safely in the backseat. Surveillance footage reportedly showed the 13-year-old exiting the trunk and climbing into the back seat. Luckily, the boy was not harmed in the incident.

The case was reported to the authorities and Beam, who recently worked as a teacher in the local school district but is currently on administrative leave, was about to face charges. Following the evidence, Beam was initially charged with endangering a child for the January 3 weird incident. However, a Texas judge last Thursday ruled that there was no probable cause to charge Beam.

Despite Thursday’s ruling, Beam isn’t necessarily out of the woods yet as prosecutors told KHOU in a statement that they may consider taking the case to a grand jury.

‘We will review all the evidence gathered by police and make a determination on how to proceed, including the possibility of presenting this case to a grand jury so that representatives can decide whether a criminal charge is appropriate,’ the District Attorney spokesperson later explained.

‘We respect the judge’s ruling and we will continue with our work,’ they added.

Once more details about the case are available, we will update the case.

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