Students Enjoying Camp Get Snow Surprise at Descanso

Students who went to the sixth grade camp at Cuyamaca Outdoor School got a snow surprise on Thursday due to the recent storm that hit San Diego.

“This week was especially special because it was snowing! Oooo! So we are all very excited about this,” said Chris Pamintuan, principal of the school. “We had a little snowfall yesterday and it was really exciting. But today we have seven to eight inches of snow.”

Pamintuan said that snowy days like Thursday are not very common.

“We’ve had a couple of small snowstorms this year, maybe an inch or so … but nothing like that,” she said. “The last such snow was a couple of years ago, so it’s really something special.”

She says it creates a very special experience for the kids, some of whom are experiencing snow for the first time.


A child at the Cuyamaca Open Air School in Descanso, Calif., looks through a snow sculpture. February 23, 2022

“I really like it because this is my first time,” said Jacqueline Ramirez.

“We saw different types of snow because yesterday there were these little circles. Apparently the rain froze halfway through,” said Charlie Roche.

“This is a great place. I didn’t know we were going to sled. There was a lot of snow, and then it was cleared away, which was a bit sad,” Elijah said.

Pamintuan says that this group of children had a camp experience that they will always remember, and this special experience is part of what the open-air school is trying to show them.

“They spend a week with us. They eat and live in cabins,” she said. “Our staff take them on hikes and they learn science on the trail, social activities and they get to play in nature and really get a deep connection with nature and learn a lot about science during the week they are here. .”

But Pamintuan said there was more than enough snow to get the kids outside this week.

“They wake up in the morning, look out of their hut and see the snow on the ground, they applaud and shout, and the first thing they want to do is go out into the snow and play in the snow and touch the snow. and just be in it,” she said. “But they’re just ecstatic.”

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