Students benefit from a late SAT test by allowing extra time to prepare

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College prep is one of the toughest times for young students, and this month, one of the pre-apprenticeship milestones, the always-tense SAT test, has been postponed for Samoha students. However, for those planning to take the exam, the delay proved to be more beneficial than stressful.

Originally scheduled for March 1, Samohy’s Classwide Junior SAT has been rescheduled for March 22 due to “unforeseen circumstances,” according to school officials.

“The error caused a delay that prevented Samohy from receiving SAT test materials by the March 1st date.” SMMUSD spokeswoman Gail Pinsker said.

In Samokhi, all students in grades 9, 10 and 11 begin to test their knowledge using the PSAT. While the PSAT is very similar in material to the SAT, it does not include essays and is scored on a different scale. As a rule, all junior students then plan a standardized test administered by the College Board, as it has become a means for colleges to determine how ready a student is for their impending future.

While the SAT has a long history as a college entrance test, the test has become more and more obsolete in recent years. In 2015, Forbes published that over 80% of four-year colleges do not require standardized test scores by the fall 2023 application season.

Although the importance of the SAT is highly controversial, it is still being promoted in schools. In 20 states across the country, the SAT is free for elementary students. The purpose of this is to make life easier for those who were already going to take it, to encourage those who were not going to take it, or to make it available to those who do not have the resources.

“The advantage has always been that now not every student can pay fifty to sixty dollars to take the test, and despite the fee exemption, some students may not be able to take the test on Saturday,” said Rosa Mejia. Counselor of Samohy College. “There are other parts of our district, our city, our state, our country, where the community may just not be aware of the college entrance requirements, so if their school doesn’t offer the SAT or ACT, that student may never pass it. ” She said.

For many Samokha students, the SAT date change did not affect their study plans.

“I plan to take the SAT, but changing the date didn’t change anything for me. I’ve always planned to take that as a foundation and then practice outside of school, so it’s neutral for me,” said Justin Green, Jr. from Samokha.

The SAT is not something you should blindly do. Most students require countless hours of preparation not only to understand the content, but also to learn how to interpret the test and do it in a timely manner. The date change has helped many students squeeze in a few extra class hours.

“I’m glad they changed it to a later one so I have more time to study because I haven’t started yet. I was very busy so it’s good they moved it and I’m glad they still make us take it because even if you don’t do well you don’t have to report it but if you do well it looks good — and it’s free,” said Zinnia Weibreit, junior Samokhi, earlier this month.

Other students also received the same benefits as Weibright.

“The postponement of the date is completely in my favor, because I feel less stress about it, because I have more time, and it’s easier for me to fix something in my head if I work on it every day, instead of cramming everything contract. at the same time,” said Sasha Tan, the youngest from Samokhi.

In the past, the SAT was required for college applications, but with its declining importance, the amount of effort and preparation students put in varies.

“Now students have the flexibility to decide whether they want to take the test or not. If they decide to take it, then the usual practice was the spring semester of junior year, maybe the fall semester of senior year, but it very much depends on each student,” Mejia said.

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