Stop the war in Ukraine and win the war at home! : Indibay

Stop the war in Ukraine and win the war at home!  : Indibay

As part of the national day of protest against the war in Ukraine, on March 18, 2023, an anti-war rally was held in San Francisco. The speakers talked about the war abroad and the war at home.

On March 18, 2923, a day of national protest, a protest rally was held in San Francisco against
war in Ukraine, which cost more than 113 billion dollars. The speakers spoke about the military-industrial
a complex that benefited from the war and the many wars abroad in which the US was involved
with over 800 US bases worldwide. March 19 is also the anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, and the speakers discussed numerous US war crimes around the world, which they say continue today.
The growing danger of a world war and US encirclement of China was also reported.
and there have been angry attacks on both Democrats and Republicans for bipartisan
policy for war. ILWU Local 10 member David Newton spoke out against the war in
Ukraine. In 2008, ILWU held a West Coast shutdown to protest the US invasion of Iraq.
Some speakers also called for the formation of a mass labor party and called on the AFL-CIO to
support for the war and US imperialism abroad. AFL-CIO and their “Solidarity Centre”
took $75 million from the National Endowment for Democracy NED and participated in
privatization of Ukraine’s farms and resources, and support for the overthrow of
Ukrainian government. AFT President Randy Weingarten also supported the neo-Nazis.
in Ukraine. The UESF union in San Francisco also supported the US intervention.
in Ukraine, following the lines of the AFL and the AFL-CIO that support US imperialism.
Participants also took up the attack on the working class and the poor in the US with privatization.
health care, housing, and education, including support from Democrats and Republicans
charters. San Francisco Democrats Try to Close Laguna Honda Hospital
the privatization of the City College of San Francisco, as well as the outsourcing of public services, and
supporting gentrification and encouraging a racist campaign against urban workers.
The rally was sponsored by ANSWER and other organizations.
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