Spirit Airlines Gatekeeper Agent Takes Revenge, Stealing Stuff And Throwing Medicines Away [Roundup]

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  • The biggest thing Spirit Airlines has ever done. The video shows how a Spirit Airlines contract agent finds a passenger’s carry-on luggage before a flight and picks it up… throws away the passenger’s prescriptions. And it looks like revenge for a fight at the front desk.

    A worker was seen “putting some of the contents into his pocket” of the bag, and “colleagues at work participating in this”, laughing and recalling it in the video.

    Surprisingly, the passenger was able to obtain the airport security records. Airlines always have access to this. but passengers almost never do. And remember that there are cameras everywhere.

  • It was not by planehence fantasy.

  • I disagree that there was a fifth plane planned to be hijacked on 9/11 that was raided by the FBI where box cutters were found, that was hidden for two decades and is not mentioned in the 9/11 commission report.
  • Can hotel staff visit the hotel bar frequently? No, I don’t think they should drink too much, take injections. in the shape of.
  • Like Brexit, the claim that the 1980 October Surprise was hatched at an airport (NYT). Passed by just because it’s interesting to think about things that have happened in the salons you visit.

    However, I find this statement far-fetched, the 85-year-old Democrat says he has traveled all over the Middle East telling leaders to tell Iran if they don’t release the hostages until Reagan offers them a better deal after the 1980 election. this does not mean that the message ever reached the Iranians, or that they acted on advice (or that the Reagan campaign even tacitly participated if such a message was delivered)

    Mr. Barnes recalled joining Mr. Connally in early September to sit down with Mr. Casey to talk about their trip during a three-hour meeting in the American Airlines Lounge at what was then the Dallas/Fort Regional Airport -Werth. Mr. Connally’s calendar entry found last week showed that he left for Dallas on September 10th.

  • It may seem like a small thing, but that is why daily bottled water is an elite perk in the Hyatt program.

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