South Korea continues to rise in popularity

Considered by many to be a new destination as Korean pop culture spreads around the world, South Korea continues to gain popularity this year.

Just last week, TIME magazine announced that Jeju, South Korea — a picturesque volcanic island considered the Hawaii of South Korea — was one of the 50 Greatest Places in the World in 2023 according to the magazine.


Ten months after the release of the South Korea brochure and the first itineraries, InsideAsia Tours, Asia’s leading tour operator, has by popular demand added three new itineraries to the country, including a budget itinerary and an itinerary ideal for families with teenagers.

“Korean Wave, also known as Hallyu, is a phenomenon that sparked interest in contemporary Korean culture and continues to grow around the world thanks to the spread of K-pop and K-drama. As a result, InsideAsia Tours has seen an increase in desire to travel and explore South Korea and is looking forward to showcasing this amazing destination to its travelers,” said Jason Martin, InsideAsia Tours Americas Manager.

Airlines are also following suit: In December, Delta Air Lines expanded its non-stop service to South Korea by launching a new three-day-a-week flight between Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and Seoul-Incheon International Airport, offering fifteen flights between destination and destination. USA every week.

“Demand for travel to Korea has skyrocketed since reopening in April, leading to a recovery in Asia,” Delta Vice President Matteo Curcio said during the initial announcement.

Haedong Yonggunsa Temple in Busan, South Korea.  (photo via Reabirdna/iStock/Getty Images Plus)
Haedong Yonggunsa Temple in Busan, South Korea. (photo via Reabirdna/iStock/Getty Images Plus)

Apart from current trends in popular culture, music and TV shows, there are many other reasons why travelers are so interested in this small country in South Korea. Like Japan, it offers thousands of years of history and culture in an easily accessible way, with numerous train, bus and plane routes throughout the country.

It offers a delicious culinary culture and is also relatively cheaper to visit than Japan, making it a great place not only for people who have already visited other places in East Asia, but also for international travelers on a budget.

Travel consultants who want to learn more about planning their trip to South Korea should register for the free South Korea Travel Specialist program from the Academy of Travel Agents.

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