South Bay parents discuss school safety after students bring toy guns to campus

Parents in South Bay gathered on Friday after students were seen carrying what looked like a gun at two different schools.

In both cases, the guns turned out to be toys, but they caused a panic and a severe police response.

On Tuesday, students at Chaboy High School saw a classmate with what appeared to be a gun after school.

School was over by the time the police arrived, but they managed to track down the two boys involved.

The officers determined that the gun was a toy that fired gel beads.

The incident comes just days after a series of high-profile gun-related incidents at the school, including the stabbing of one student in Santa Rosa and another student stabbed to death in front of Yerba Buena High School in San Jose.

While the weapon may have been fake, the fear was very real.

“Every time we get a report that someone is bringing what we even suspect to be a firearm, we are going to do a full investigation because the number one priority is to keep our community members safe and students safe when they are at school,” he said. Christian Camarillo of the San Jose Police Department.

The police spoke to the parents of the students and referred to the owner of the toy gun. NBC Bay Area learned that the school suspended both boys for five days.

This seemed fair to most of the parents and grandparents at Friday’s meeting.

“Perhaps this is the right amount. I mean he’s just an idiot. He probably sees a lot of news and just wants to be a wannabe,” said grandparents Bert Renteria.

On Monday, a report of someone with a gun on campus prompted police to rush to West Valley College in Saratoga.

According to eyewitnesses, they saw two men with machine guns.

After a two-hour blockade, the police determined that this was also a copy.

The campus police have brought these students to criminal responsibility, and school disciplinary action is also pending.

For the officers that day, the weapons might have been fake, but the fear and their reactions were very real.

“It was real in the sense that there was a potential threat, and we are grateful that this was not a real active attack on the campus or campus,” said Lieutenant Jeff Profio of West Valley-Mission Community College District.

Both incidents caused panic, and the police threw themselves into the unknown.

Now a few students have a hard lesson to learn – actions always have consequences.

“You should never bring replica toy firearms to school. We see it over and over again,” Camarillo said.

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