Several North Texas fire departments donated a total of 17 helmets for Ukrainian firefighters

North Texas – Several North Texas fire departments teamed up to help and support their colleagues in Ukraine who have hard times in the last few months due to the Russian invasion.

Plano resident, Sergii Nozhka, started this initiative in April when he reached out to the mayor of McKinney, George Fullerm, informing him that he has a cousin back in Ukraine who serves as a firefighter and his cousin’s department is in urgent need of equipment.

The City of McKinney quickly pulled together the requested supplies but was only able to do so thanks to the contributions from the McKinney, Lavon, Weston, and Princeton Fire Departments.

“The fire service goes beyond politics and borders. It is a family, and we are honored to have been able to help the firefighters in Ukraine as they struggle to do their jobs,” said McKinney Fire Chief Danny Kistner.

The departments managed to donate a total of 17 helmets that were sent to Ukraine. While this donation is not huge, it surely means a lot to the Ukrainian firefighters.

On Monday, Nozhka said on Facebook that the equipment sent few days ago has reached the final destination in Ukraine. Nozhka said that his cousin and his colleagues are grateful for the help provided by the North Texas departments.

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