Service lines serve 3 hospitals – and why

Hospitals and health care systems continue to face financial challenges, forcing some organizations to close medical departments or terminate facility services. Now more than ever, leaders need to focus on service areas with the greatest growth potential.

Becker asked hospital and health system leaders to talk about the service lines they serve, which could significantly increase revenue over the next three years. Below are their answers in alphabetical order.

Editor’s Note: Answers have been lightly edited for length and clarity.

Joanne Conroy, MD. President and CEO of Dartmouth Health (Lebanon, New Hampshire): Our Cancer Center, established in partnership with Dartmouth Health and the Geisel School of Medicine, has a responsibility and mission to end cancer and provides a growing and significant revenue stream to our healthcare system. With a proud 50-year history, the Cancer Center continues to expand and provides world-class oncology services to the people of New Hampshire and Vermont. Not only do our clinical operations grow as needed, but as a comprehensive cancer center designated by the National Cancer Institute—one of 53 in the U.S., one of three in New England, and the only one not located in a metropolitan area—our innovative research program ensures the convergence of intellectual perspectives . As the only cancer center in the US fully integrated with an outstanding liberal arts college and graduate schools in arts and sciences, medicine, business, and engineering, we take full advantage of our collective and diverse strengths to maximize innovation and collaboration in our fight against cancer. .

Most recently, and with great appreciation for a generous sponsor, we created the Byrne Family Cancer Research Institute, which is expanding forward-thinking scientific approaches that are predicted to have the greatest impact on investment in targeted cancer prevention, improved cancer care, and harnessing innovation. Our Dartmouth Cancer Center is setting the stage for positive and efficient revenue streams on the path to ending cancer.

Hoyt Scabelund. CEO of Banner Payson Medical Center (Ariz.): We support our line of orthopedic services.

Our Orthopedic Clinic currently has two full-time Orthopedic Assistants and two visiting Orthopedic Surgeons who do four days of appointments and three days of surgery each month. We have two orthopedic surgeons who are initially interested in joining our team on a part time basis with plans to move to full time in the coming months and years.

Our service area covers small rural communities up to 90 miles away, serving a population of over 25,000 people, most of them aged 62 and over, and 7,000 military veterans. We strive to provide quality orthopedic services to residents of our community close to home for their benefit and convenience.

Our orthopedic services include outpatient care at our clinic, ancillary services including imaging, laboratory and physical therapy, and surgery at our hospital.

Mason Van Howelling. General Director of the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada (Las Vegas): The University Medical Center is positioned as the center of excellence for cardiovascular disease in the state. While UMC has been offering award-winning cardiovascular care for decades, we expect this line of service to play a key role in our continued success as a healthcare system in the coming years. As we love to do in Las Vegas, UMC is doubling down and betting on the continued growth of our Cardiology and Stroke Center. We have made strategic investments in valuable capital improvement projects, revolutionary clinical technology upgrades, and expanded business development initiatives. This includes a large-scale refurbishment of our cardiovascular disease infrastructure, construction of additional cardiac catheterization labs, implementation of enhanced electrophysiology services, renovation of existing labs, development of a hybrid catheter/surgery room, and equipping all of these clinical areas with state-of-the-art equipment. equipment. We also continue to focus on building a comprehensive structural heart treatment program.

Our team at UMC has made significant progress in developing our world-class cardiothoracic surgery program. Working in partnership with the Nevada Heart & Vascular Center, UMC introduced a new team of cardiothoracic surgeons in 2022. With this new team, open heart surgery has more than doubled and we expect further growth in the coming years.

Offering a robust residency program coupled with Nevada’s only fellowship program for cardiology, UMC plays a vital role in preparing the next generation of cardiologists for our community. UMC looks forward to strengthening the solid foundation of our cardiovascular services and further enhancing the level of care available in Nevada.

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