San Antonio Startup week offers resources for entrepreneurs

Hernandez hopes to shake off the misconception that startups are mainly seen in tech industries, especially in the community at his company, Geekdom, as well at Tech Bloc.

He says the companies invited to participate in Startup Week span many industries and talents.

“We have programing that caters towards health care and restaurants, retail, lifestyle, businesses, all kinds of different things. So it’s really industry agnostic,” Hernandez said. “If you want to start something or you want to be part of a startup, or you just want to understand what it is to be part of innovation in San Antonio, this is the conference for you.”

He says they have seen a particular increase in the amount of creative companies utilizing resources for startup companies. 

“We’ve seen an influx of creatives in our startup ecosystem in the last couple of years, and we want to show them this is a place for them as well,” Hernadez said.

They include people who may have been doing creative work, like photography, digital media, digital marketing and graphic design as a hobby, and are looking to turn it into a business.

“We’ve seen in the last couple of years that there’s more folks like that, those creative folks that are coming in and wanting to turn that into a business and wanting to provide or wanting to offer that service to, you know, to get money and they can get paid for it,” Hernandez said. “And so we’ve realized that a lot of our resources that we provide on entrepreneurs translate over to creatives as well.”

Hernadez says the inclusion of creatives is paralleled at Geekdom, which has a dedicated physical space for creative professionals that includes photo backdrops, lighting, mic stands, mics, a podcast set and more.

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