Ryan Huffman on what he’s imagining for his production company Huffman Creative

Ryan Huffman on what he’s imagining for his production company Huffman Creative

Growth is a never-ending process, especially on the road to success. In just two years, Huffman Creative has achieved a lot of success and has worked with some of the biggest names in the world. However, Ryan Huffman, founder of Huffman Creative, believes this is only the beginning, and his production company has much more in store.

Ryan is a lifelong creative, having been involved with filmmaking for twenty years. Along with his identical twin brother, he has written, directed, filmed and starred in everything from short films to action-packed dramas. Through middle and high school, Ryan continued to make films and eventually enrolled at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts to study filmmaking.

Success, according to Ryan, is the result of hard work and tough decision making, which means he didn’t build a successful startup overnight. After graduating from college, he worked for National Geographic and then as a producer for Revolt TV before going freelance. After five years of freelance experience and nearly 200 projects, Ryan founded his own production company, Huffman Creative.

Huffman Creative has helped artists like Megan Thee Stallion, Imagine Dragons and Ariana Grande, as well as brands like Nike, Walmart and Amazon, realize their creative visions. While short-form brands and music content are currently the focus of the company, Huffman Creative plans to expand into feature films, documentaries and television series. Ryan and his team are already developing two feature film projects in 2023, which are scheduled to begin production later this year.

To learn more about Ryan’s production company, Huffman Creative, click here.

You can also connect with Ryan on LinkedIn or follow him on Instagram.

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