Prosecutors say the suspects are charged with the deaths of two Houston men who are believed to have fled the country.

Prosecutors said the suspects are believed to be in Vietnam.

HOUSTON. Two suspects, wanted and charged in the murder of two Houston men, have left the country, prosecutors said.

During Tuesday’s court hearing in the case of Cathy Wu, the woman accused of tampering with evidence in the case, prosecutors said two suspects charged with the murders of Dana Ryssdal and James Gerald Martin III may be in Vietnam.

The two suspects were identified as Poly Phan and Jaidan Yu Nguyen.

Harris County Assistant District Attorney Samantha Knecht stated that Phan and Nguyen killed Ryssdal and Martin over a drug dispute.

Police found Ryssdal, 35, shot to death at Martin’s home on January 27, although investigators said the shooting may have actually happened the day before.

Ryssdal and Martin’s truck was nowhere to be found, but the police took Martin’s car from his garage and towed it to an impound lot to collect evidence. Since the police were not aware of Martin’s involvement in the case, they stated that they did not look inside his car.

On January 30, police said they found Ryssdal’s abandoned truck near a roadway on Cullen Boulevard near Yellowstone Boulevard.

It wasn’t until February 1 that the police were able to obtain a search warrant for Martin’s car, which was still in the impound lot. Then they said they found his body. He was also shot several times.

The investigation led detectives to identify Wu, Phan, and Nguyen as suspects in the murders of Ryssdal and Martin.

Wu was charged with falsifying evidence in connection with the shooting. She is currently out of prison on bail, but under bail conditions, she had to surrender her passport and was placed on an ankle monitor.

Wu reportedly met with one of the murder suspects and is accused of buying cleaning supplies to help dispose of evidence and helping to clean up the site where the victims were shot.

Her attorney, Kobe DuBose, said they are excited about their day in court to see the facts develop more in a way that he thinks is fair.

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