President of Modivcare Next Home: “Our goal is to become a nationwide platform for home care”

Modivcare Inc. (Nasdaq: MODV) announced the appointment of a new president for its fast-growing home division, Ann Bailey.

Bailey is new to the organization. As president of the home division, she will assume responsibility for the business segment in which Modivcare is betting on growth. The home division, in particular, includes services for personal care, remote monitoring of patients and food delivery.

Modivcare President and CEO L. Heath Sampson recently called personal care growth “his top goal” in the company’s fourth-quarter earnings report. In a press release announcing the hiring, he also called the home division – overall – “a key driver of our long-term growth strategy.”

“I was drawn to Modivcare because of the desire to help older people grow old if they so desire,” Bailey told Home Health Care News on Monday. “The demand for home-based support is huge, and our ability to make this support easier and better for seniors and caregivers is essential to improving healthcare and aging in America.”

Bailey previously served as Group Vice President at DaVita (NYSE: DVA), a provider of dialysis and integrated care and management services. While there, her job responsibilities included insurance management, patient education, admissions, communications, marketing and revenue strategy, among other things, she said.

Prior to DaVita, she worked for the consulting firm Bain & Company.

“Our goal is to become a nationwide home care platform,” she said.

According to a note from investor Stevens, the position she holds has been vacant since June 2022.

Modivcare, based in Denver, is a healthcare technology company. In addition to in-home services such as personal care, telemonitoring and catering, the company is also one of the largest providers of non-emergency medical transportation.

By comparison, its home division generated $176 million in revenue in the fourth quarter, up 12% from last year.

“We will consolidate all of our home support services,” Bailey said. “And across the enterprise…to increase scale and efficiency, and standardize and centralize processes to deliver the best patient experience.”

In February, Sampson also mentioned process standardization as a means to grow the company’s personal care division.

He also mentioned that in the near future, the company plans to expand its presence in the personal care industry through both acquisitions and de novo.

“I want to deeply understand our patient experience and learn how we can scale more care to other areas of the country,” Bailey said. “We have a unique opportunity to interact with patients before they need significant clinical care. If we can use our connection to help patients stay healthier, we will benefit the patient, their caregivers, and the US healthcare system.”

Modivcare is increasingly seen as a major player in the home personal care industry. Now Bailey has to turn the company’s goals into reality.

“I am confident that Ann is the right leader for our home division as we expand our geographic footprint, improve customer relationships and implement innovative growth solutions,” Sampson said in a statement. “To drive our growth strategy… we must align our people, processes and technology, which includes investing in the best talent to lead our organization. Ann’s wealth of experience in the healthcare industry will help reinforce the excellence of our leadership team at Modivcare, and together we are committed to delivering results, scaling for growth, and delivering a superior member and customer experience.”

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