Predatory Manhattan gynecologist sued for sex assault by two women under the Adult Survivors Act

A predatory Manhattan gynecologist accused of sexually assaulting hundreds of women across decades of treatment was cited once more in a graphic new abuse lawsuit as New York State opened its window for legal action against abusers.

The Manhattan Supreme Court filing by the Jane Doe plaintiffs named New York-Presbyterian Hospital as the defendant in the latest case involving disgraced Dr. Robert Hadden, whose perversions already led to $236 million in payouts to his victims in two prior settlements.

“Between approximately 1992 and 2012, Hadden abused … female patients under the guise of purported gynecological care,” the lawsuit alleged. “Defendants failed to take any corrective measures and allowed Hadden to continue to sexually abuse female patients for decades.”

Dr. Robert Hadden in Manhattan Supreme Court on Feb. 23, 2016.

A prosecutor had once described the 64-year-old bearded doctor as “a predator in a white coat.” The previous two Hadden settlements were made last month and last year.

The plaintiffs identified in the new Adult Survivors Act filing are a U.S. citizen now living in Sweden and a New Jersey woman, according to court papers. One anonymous plaintiff said she feared “embarrassment and further psychological damage” if she was publicly identified.

The Adult Survivors Act created a one-year period for victims to take legal action in cases previously barred against their alleged attackers by time limits, with Thursday filings against ex-President Donald Trump in a rape case and two banks for enabling the long-time sexual abuse of late financier Jeffrey Epstein.

The plaintiffs’ lawsuit, filed Thursday, alleges Hadden, a Columbia University doctor, arranged to meet with the women alone in his office before putting them as ease with questions about their personal lives and sharing details of his own.

“In this regard, he made the victims feel they were receiving special attention and treatment,” the lawsuit said. “Defendants concealed their knowledge that Hadden was unsafe and failed to adopt policies and procedures that would protect the patients and reduce the risk of sexual abuse.”

Hadden was first accused in 2014 of fondling and performing oral sex on a half-dozen patients in a Manhattan prosecution where he took a plea bargain for criminal sex act and forcible touching — with the victims outraged when he received no jail time two years later.

A board bearing an image of Robert Hadden is displayed before a federal news conference about his crimes on Sept. 9, 2020, in New York.

Hadden faces a new trial next year after pleading not guilty to new federal charges of abusing patients, including a shocking allegation of targeting an underage victim delivered years earlier by the gynecologist.

He was released on $1 million bail while awaiting trial in that case.

According to court papers, the veteran doctor used his medical position “to make his victims believe that the sexual abuse inflicted on them was medically appropriate” during their OB/GYN visits.

“The sexual abuse included, but was not limited to, Hadden touching a woman’s breasts and nipples, touching a victim’s genitals, and digitally penetrating a victim’s genitals,” court papers alleged. “All the sexual abuse was without a legitimate medical purpose.”

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