Police officer from Garland is behind bars for assaulting a woman on New Year’s Day while intoxicated, report

Garland, TX – Garland police officer was arrested and charged with intoxication assault for assaulting a woman on New Year’s Day while intoxicated, authorities confirmed.

According to the incident report, the incident happened on January 1st when the Garland police officer Louis Jerel Ellis drove his vehicle intoxicated and hit the 25-year-old Ja’meka Brown.

According to the victim’s mother, Brown was hit and thrown about 20 feet suffering serious body injuries. Brown is still in hospitals for treatment.

While the investigation about the incident tis ongoing, Ellis is on administrative leave until more details about the case are available.

“One of my biggest fears is exactly what happened, getting a call in the middle of the night that something is wrong,” said Temika Wesley, mother.

At the time of the incident, Brown’s sister was with her and she witnessed the hit. She decided to provide more details about what happened that day.

“I was in a fender bender she got out to take pictures of the other car and see if I was okay, and as she was walking toward me, he was speeding, popped the curb and that is when he hit her,” Jaquita Brown said.

“She went flying. I ran up to her, making sure she was still here. I told her to stay strong think about JoJo, he needs you, no one can be your mom like you.”

According to her, the officer didn’t exit the vehicle and didn’t check on her sister after the incident. Instead, he stayed for a few minutes in his vehicle making phone calls after finally getting out claiming that he didn’t hit her.

Brown suffered heavy injuries and it was in very critical condition. Her sister thought that she won’t make it. However, doctor’s efforts paid off, she survived and she was recently removed from ventilators. Doctors are positive she is going to fully recover, but it will surely be a long-recovery period as she will have to spend the next 3-6 months in wheelchair.

“She is used to working and taking care of herself,” Wesley said. “I’m disappointed in the officer and Garland Police Department. By him being a police officer he is one of theirs off duty or not. No one has checked on Ja’Meka.”

The officer reportedly has been with the department for the last two years.

Once more details from the investigation are available, we will update the case.

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