Pastor Counsels Roseville Children on Sexual Identity and Gender Without Parental Approval

Earlier this month, The Globe reported on a “church” group applying for permission to use Roseville High School for an upcoming meeting, which turned out to be a drag show. “Landing Place” was a group claiming to be a church group that had applied for permission to use the school for an upcoming “church fundraiser”.

Pastor Counsels Roseville Children on Sexual Identity and Gender Without Parental Approval
Roseville High School drag event. (Photo: parents, with permission)

“Landing Place” is listed as one of the ministries under the auspices of the Loomis Basin Congregational United Church of Christ (LBCUCC), “a progressive Christian church serving Placer County.”

RJUHSD’s parents contacted the school board, who immediately went to the district superintendent, exposing the group disguised as a “church” event and stating that due to direct appeal to students, the group should be banned on school property.

“This is adult entertainment,” Mom said. “These are kids. And they lied about it being a church group holding a church event.”

The Landing Spot announced on their Facebook page the same day our article was published that they have canceled this year’s Drag Show.

“Landing Place” is one of the services of the UCC Church in the Loomis Basin. (Photo: Loomis Basin UCC website)

However, Landing Spot seems to be busier than ever. If you’re familiar with the Landing Spot name, in addition to the recent Globe feature, Project Veritas just released a new video featuring Landing Spot’s own pastor, Casey Tinnin.

Pastor Casey Tinnin, also known as the Oddly Faithful Pastor, says in his biography, “For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m a preacher, a protester, and (some would say) a ‘general pastor’.” I love to go camping, talk about theology, politics and sex.”

The problem is that parents say the “universal pastor” tells his kids about graphic sex and turns the parents in to Child Protective Services when they object.

And now parents and community members want to know who in the Roseville School District made the decision to use the Landing Spot as a referral for counseling outside of the school district’s official health centers.

Oddly, the Landing Spot web page says it is a “non-religious” support group for LGBTQIA+ youth and their parents on the Loomis Basin Congregational United Church of Christ website.

“Landing Place” is one of the services of the UCC Church in the Loomis Basin. (Photo: Loomis Basin UCC website)

A Project Veritas video shows that Pastor Tinnin clearly has plans beyond inviting teenagers into youth groups and faith circles when he says, “I call on the CPS [Child Protective Services]when parents misidentify the gender of their children. (Warning: Pastor Tinnin has a hooked mouth)

The parents from an earlier Globe article stayed in touch and told the Globe that even though Pastor Tinnin canceled the annual Drag Queen Show, many Roseville Unified School District (RJUHSD) high schools have wellness centers that appeal to LGBTQIAs. students to the landing site without the knowledge and consent of their parents.

The Project Veritas video seems to confirm this when they talk to “Anna”, a psychiatrist at the Roseville High School Recreation Center. She confirmed that they did not need to call their parents. “In California, it’s protection,” Anna says. “We have parents who are very upset about this,” she says, giggling and smiling.

“Me and older queer people mentor these young people,” Pastor Casey Tinnin told Project Veritas.

He says that parents are very angry: “When they [parents] know that their strange child will come to me for support, they will be upset,” he said. “We’re so close to having the parents freak out.”

He said he went to a Gay Straight Alliance club meeting at the school with 50 kids in attendance. “Half of them are Mormons,” he said. “These parents don’t want me to talk—encouraging this lifestyle, right? Like, that’s the point.”

So Pastor Tinnin says he gets kids to tell their parents they’re going to a youth group meeting or the library, where they’re greeted by his Landing Spot team of college students over 18. He says his college students are now holding his monthly meetings. “I literally haven’t been in any of them in two months because they’re killing it.”

He then goes on to talk about the fact that high schools have safe spaces for kids under the age of 13 and calls them “the easiest low-hanging fruit.”

Pastor Tinnin said it’s very important to get them while they’re young, “because at puberty we’re going to see these kids really go off the rails because all this dysphoria starts to show up.”

“And so if we can start helping parents talk about ‘how do you talk about puberty?’ “Have you considered blockers?” You know all these things, it’s beneficial for them [children] in the long run.”

He explained to Project Veritas how he managed to hide this information from his parents, even claiming that he “doesn’t lie” to them – “but doesn’t tell the truth” to his parents either.

“If we want these kids to thrive and survive, we have to get to their parents first,” said Pastor Tinnin.

RJUHSD parents told the Globe that their students were invited to the “Ask Me Anything” Landing Spot, where Christian students say their parents and the church tell them that masturbation is bad, it’s a sin. Their children told them that Pastor Tinnin said it was wrong and that they should explore all aspects of sexuality.

“It hurts children and destroys families,” one mom told the Globe. “Especially Christians and Mormons.”

Parents said that Landing Spot recruits Christian and Mormon children without their parents’ knowledge.

The Globe on Monday sent the Roseville Unified Unified High School District (RJUHSD) a request to the California Public Records Superintendent John Becker, VP. Superintendent Dr. April Moore, Human Resources Director Rob Hastie and RJUHSD Board President Pete Constant solicit all communications, contracts, current, past and future, with The Landing Spot, Loomis Basin UCC Church and Pastor Casey Tinnin working with or for RJUHSD.

We also asked Pastor Tinnin and his adult students who “advise” RJUHSD students if they were licensed by the state.

We asked about the school district’s security measures: “Did Pastor Casey pass the standard, RJUHSD mandatory background checks, fingerprinting, requirements that any of the health center staff (or volunteers) passed?”

And “Does Pastor Casey bring other Landing Spot or Loomis Basin UCC Church employees, volunteers, or members of the congregation with him when he comes to campus? What is the process for obtaining permission to enter campuses? Have their backgrounds been checked and fingerprinted?

These are all requirements that volunteer parents must meet in order to participate in classes and activities on campus.

Parents say “Pastor Casey,” as they call him, has been attending their schools since about 2018. But they can’t get any information from schools or the school district about whether or not they were screened, and how, and who made the decision to use the Landing Spot as a referral for counseling outside of the school district’s official health centers. How about responsibility?

Parents also want to know if Pastor Casey Tinnin gets paid for his school district referral advisory services, and if so, is the money collected by his church?

Pastor Tinnin’s Landing Spot web page is devoid of any information and the link to his Facebook page does not lead, although the Landing Spot Facebook page is active.

“Landing Place” is one of the services of the UCC Church in the Loomis Basin. (Photo: Loomis Basin UCC website)

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