Opinion: Sheriff of the Moon game sucks, can we get compensation?

Didn’t I say that politics is nothing but theater, but with much more serious consequences?

I don’t understand why I am reading an article called Sheriff Robert Luna backs off, says fraud investigation has been turned over to FBI about another mistake by the head of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

As the old saying goes, we are all characters in this game of life, and sadly, the performance of newly elected Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna is nothing less than horrific and unworthy of a repeat.

I would even go so far as to say that those responsible for this horrific scenario in which Sheriff Luna bombs horribly show that he clearly failed to rehearse his lines by taking the initiative to understand the annoyances and/or complexities associated with responsibility for one. of the country’s most respected law enforcement agencies. Despite the many shortcomings in the work of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, I by no means can understand why he could be confused with the transfer of the investigation of the Department’s gun permit program to the State Attorney General’s Office. And the media had to save face by publishing an article that said they continue to engage former Sheriff Alex Villanueva in an attempt to tarnish his public persona as rumors continue to circulate that he could run for the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in the election. 2024. .

This is not Mayberry, and despite my best efforts to be impartial to the newly elected Sheriff, giving him time to exercise command, control, and level-headed independent thinking, political machinations and/or the influence of a politically minded and manipulative Council, Observers clearly show that Luna not suitable for this position.

Villanueva has been, and will forever remain, their convenient scapegoat because the failure of the supervisory board to fix the situation of the sheriff’s department, despite decades of civilian oversight, is on full display and the locals are restless.

Collectively, even Luna’s supporters are forced to personally admit to themselves that he is completely unfit for the office of sheriff of Los Angeles County. A role he was never suited for. Keep in mind that their first choice was LA Airport Chief Cecil Rambo, who previously ran the city of Compton when the weapons cache vanished into thin air. Rambo was also the first captain of the newly created Compton Sheriff’s Precinct when the city dissolved the Compton Police Department.

Luna’s inability to appreciate the complexities and annoyances of being a sheriff and the work it takes to be the head of an 18,000-strong department if he can’t properly concoct carefully fabricated lies. Don’t think it’s gone unnoticed that after his department ran a two-day marathon in Valinda to catch a suspect, no one asks why they chose to call the LAPD for help or why Luna didn’t give the press. testing conference.

It can’t be life like in a badly produced Tyler Perry movie where we’ve seen this script over and over, vowing never to spend a single dollar on his cheaply made but high-grossing films, those scenes of ineptitude, inadequacy. , and the lack of leadership at a time when the department is awash in low morale and confusion is disappointing to say the least.

I’m sorry, but just in case Sheriff Luna didn’t get the last edit on his script, does he have any desire to get the facts himself before he speaks?

If things don’t change quickly, Lune will suffer the same fate as his former boss, Jim McDonnell, as the Board of Supervisors will either exercise their powers under Measure A and fire him, or bring in the next Barney Fife to do their bidding.

Marvin McCoy has lived in Inglewood all his life and can be contacted at [email protected] or on Twitter: @MarvinM83905936 | Instagram: @therealmccoymarketinggroup

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