One Planet: “Kelp!” exhibition brings art and science together to protect our forests of the sea

On this edition of Your Call’s One Planet Series, we discuss 836M’s Kelp! multi-media exhibition, which highlights California’s endangered kelp forests and the need for solutions on ocean stewardship and environmental equity.

Kelp forests form the foundation of California’s coastal marine ecology and are crucial climate regulators. Unfortunately, the ocean forests along California’s North Coast have declined since 2014 due to a convergence of natural factors and human impacts on the oceans. Globally, kelp forests are critical for biodiversity and climate mitigation but are disappearing fast.


Josie Iselin, fine art photographer, and author of The Curious World of Seaweed

Tristin Anoush McHugh, ecologist, kelp forest restoration practitioner, and the Kelp Project Director with The Nature Conservancy

Web Resources:

Kelp! exhibition at 836M gallery in San Francisco

Josie Iselin

Tristin Anoush McHugh

The NY Times: Warmer Oceans Threaten Another California Forest, This One Underwater

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