NW Houston apartment residents have been without water since last week

Altanova Apartments residents said they’ve been dealing with leaking and busted pipes days after the arctic blast swept through Houston.

HOUSTON — Some residents at a northwest Houston apartment complex have been living without water since last Friday.

The Altanova Apartments residents said they have been dealing with leaking and busted pipes for days after the arctic blast swept through the Houston area.

From the kitchen to the bathroom to the closet, Karen McClatchy is dealing with major problems.

“Mold all right here … everywhere,” McClatchy said while pointing to the inside of her closet.

Water from broken pipes is causing major problems inside her apartment.

“I have to keep it shut off so the water won’t go all over my floor, and what it does, it seeps through here and goes into the closet and, as you can see, all my clothes … soaking wet,” she said.

She said the water leakage has been an ongoing issue.

“My problems started way before that (the recent freeze). This didn’t just start with me and they know it,” McClatchy said.

Management from Altanova Apartments sent out notices to residents Friday evening.

The message informed residents the complex was “undergoing repairs to some of our water lines.” And “due to these repairs, we have had to shut off the water.”

On Tuesday, the water for the complex was still not working.

“The dripping constantly in the bathroom and I was like I need to report this. I did. … And as you can see, it never was fixed,” McClatchy said.

Another neighbor wrote a note on a nearby water line asking people not to turn the water on because it was getting inside their home.

“People should be aware of apartments, period. Don’t be in a desperate situation,” McClatchy said.

McClatchy said the situation is causing her to have health issues as she tries to find a new place to go.

“I’ve been very depressed. Very, very depressed. But I know I’m going to get through this,” she said.

Her family started a GoFundMe to replace damaged items like clothes, shoes and furniture.

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