Noel Gallagher fuels Oasis reunion rumors: ‘He has my number, call us’

Noel Gallagher fuels Oasis reunion rumors: ‘He has my number, call us’

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Just this week, Liam Gallagher sparked new rumors about a possible Oasis reunion. Responding to a fan on social media who asked if there was “a small percentage of Oasis getting back together,” Liam replied, “It’s happening.” Now that the momentum is picking up, Noel Gallagher has spoken out on the matter, sparking new hope among fans that the Britpop group could reform. “Call us,” Noel said in a comment addressed to representatives of his estranged brother.

Speaking with France Inter in a new interview, Noel Gallagher was asked if he understood the demand for the return of Oasis, to which he replied: “No one really came to take our place.”

Noting Liam’s recent exposure, Noel said, “There’s something in the papers in England today.”

Noel continued: “He has to get his people to call my people; they know who they are, they know where we are. Stop talking on the fucking internet and let’s see what you have to say.”

Asked if it was just a phone call, he said, “You would think so? You would think. He has my number, he has my manager’s number, call us. But you know what? He won’t call.” When asked why Liam didn’t call, Noel concluded, “But why exactly. Why?

See the interview below.

Oasis announced their split in 2009 after Noel and Liam’s rocky relationship reached a boiling point. Although there are many different versions of what actually happened, it all led to a physical fight between the couple, now known as the “Paris Brawl”, on August 28, 2009 at the Rock en Seine festival in Paris.

Prior to this, the group was on a world tour, during which the relationship between Noel and Liam heated up. The first flashpoint came after Oasis canceled their performance at the V Festival in Chelmsford on 23 August due to Liam contracting laryngitis, which Noel later described as a “hangover” in 2011.

In response, Liam sued Noel and demanded an apology. He stated, “The truth is, I had laryngitis, which Noel was fully aware of that morning, and the doctor diagnosed him.” Noel apologized and the lawsuit was dropped. However, as the Gallaghers later explained, it was “an altercation in Paris” shortly before the band’s performance at Rock en Seine that led to the breakup of Oasis. Notably, midway through Bloc Party’s performance, frontman Kele Okereke, along with their tour manager Peter Hill, announced to the audience that Oasis would not be performing. Two hours later, Noel’s following statement was posted on the Oasis website: “With some sadness and great relief… I left Oasis tonight. People will write and say what they like, but I just couldn’t keep working with Liam a day longer.”

“After all, we still had two shows left, and I think that if I got to the end of this tour and I had a six-month break, I would just forget about it and get down to business,” Noel then said Esq. in 2015. “But the straw that broke the camel’s back was the night in Paris, and it was a fight. There is no hidden darkness.”

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