New York State Assemblyman Alec Brook-Red changed his mind about hiring a U.S. Capitol riot enthusiast.

Newly minted Republican Assemblyman Alec Brook-Red is hesitant to hire a Brooklyn woman as a staffer after the Daily News drew his attention to her cheering on Trump fanatics who stormed the US Capitol and attended a rally leading up to terrorist attack in 2021. .

Brook-Red, who was elected this fall to represent Coney Island, Bay Ridge and surrounding areas in the Assembly, confirmed Thursday that he has been considering Katherine Khatari for his Brooklyn county office in recent weeks.

However, he said he was reconsidering this potential hiring after The News asked if he was aware of Hatari’s actions during and after former President Donald Trump’s infamous rally outside the White House on January 6, 2021.

“It’s only now that I hear about her past participation in the January 6 protest and I take it very seriously,” Brook-Krasna said in a statement. “There has been talk of her joining my office and I will seriously consider her past actions if a decision is made to hire her.”

New York State Assemblyman Alec Brook-Krasny

As first reported by The News in 2021, Khatari, a former public figure in the office of Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez, attended a January 6, 2021 Trump rally in which the former president pleaded with his supporters to march on the Capitol.

There is no sign that Khatari joined the hordes of Trump supporters who stormed the Capitol after the rally in a violent attempt to stop Congress from confirming President Biden’s election. However, she posted on Facebook that the siege was underway and wrote: “Patriots have taken back the house.”

Hatari could not be contacted for comment on Thursday.

A Facebook post viewed by The News shows that last Monday she helped set up the Brook-Krasna area office in Bay Ridge.

“Catherine and Lucretia are getting Alec Brook-Red’s office ready,” the post read, which included a photo of Hatari and another woman in the 93rd Street office.

A source with direct knowledge of the matter also said that Khatari introduced herself to the villagers as an employee of Brook-Krasny.

Brook-Krasny spokesman Tim Lantz said that Hatari is not on the Assembly member’s payroll, and that she “called for volunteer assistance” in setting up his office.

Brook-Red took his seat in the Assembly after defeating Democratic MP Mathilde Frontus in the November elections. He served in the Assembly as a Democrat until he stepped down in 2015 to become a pharmaceutical company executive.

While in office, Brook-Krasny was charged with federal bribery for allegedly helping set up an illegal pill factory. He was acquitted of these charges after his attorney said the city’s special drug attorney was not qualified to hear the case.

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