New York Public Transportation Union 100 local activists arrested in brawl in break room at Bronx subway station

A long standoff in a union representing New York bus and subway workers escalated into a bloody brawl.

Police said MTA conductor Tramell Thompson and union vice president Canella Gomez were arrested after fighting Tuesday night at the crew quarters of the Bedford Park Boulevard subway station in the Bronx.

Tramell Thompson (left) and Canella Gomez.

Police sources said Thompson, a vocal critic of the leadership of the Local 100 transport workers union, slapped Gomez in the face during an argument.

Gomez, 42, was running the union’s business by posting information on a bulletin board when Thompson, 41, swung at him, a transport workers union spokesman told the Daily News.

According to police, Thompson landed two punches on Gomez and missed before striking the union leader in the face.

Gomez hit back by kicking and punching Thompson before bringing him to the floor. Meanwhile, one of the other two MTA employees in the room called the police, according to an MTA incident report obtained by The News.

The report said that Thompson was bleeding on his face and injured his knee. Police said neither man required medical attention.

Thompson, who has made a name for himself as an outspoken critic of MTA and Local 100 negotiating tactics, has posted several videos on YouTube in recent weeks that are highly critical of Gomez’s leadership.

“He’s not fit for his position,” Thompson said of Gomez in his latest video.

The video, which is over an hour long, is titled “Who does the Local 100 administration work for…Members or management?!”

According to a TWU spokesperson, Thompson previously ran for union leadership and lost.

Local 100 president Richard Davis defended Gomez’s actions.

“Vice President Gomez acted in self-defense after he was punched in the face,” Davis said. “Then he detained Conductor Thompson and ordered the Transit Authority and the police to be called.”

Neither Thompson nor Gomez responded to a request for comment. Both men were charged with assault and released.

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