Microsoft is adding Image Creator to Bing and GPT-4 is now available on the Azure OpenAI service.

What would a week be like without Microsoft’s generative AI news? I can hardly imagine. Microsoft today announced the addition of Image Creator to the new Bing preview, as well as new AI-powered visual stories and updated knowledge maps for all Bing users.

Bing Image Creator, which will be available starting today in the new Bing preview on desktop, mobile, and Edge, is based on OpenAI’s “enhanced” version of the DALL-E model (Hmm… is that DALL-E 3 on the way?) . By entering a description for the image, providing additional context such as a location or activity, and choosing an art style, Image Creator creates the image.

Microsoft: Bing is the only browser with a “built-in AI-powered image generator”

Microsoft says this makes Bing the first and only browser with a “built-in AI-powered image generator.”

Meanwhile, Stories, according to the company, are AI-powered visual summaries that users can click on to learn more about the topic they’re looking for. This, according to Microsoft, provides “a more engaging way to find and interact with content, offering images and short videos for easy browsing.”

Finally, Knowledge Cards 2.0 is an AI-powered infographic interface that has been updated to include interactive dynamic content such as charts, graphs, timelines, and visual stories.

GPT-4 is available in Azure OpenAI Service.

Microsoft also announced today that GPT-4 is available on the Azure OpenAI service. As part of the preview, customers and partners can join a waitlist to access GPT-4 and start embedding it into their own apps and services.

In a blog post, Microsoft shared customer feedback on GPT-4 in Azure OpenAI Service:

“Coursera uses the Azure OpenAI Service to build a new AI-based learning experience on its platform, allowing students to receive high-quality, personalized support throughout their learning experience,” said Mustafa Mebelwala, Senior Vice President of Engineering, Coursera. “Together, Azure OpenAI Service and the new GPT-4 model will help millions of people around the world learn even more effectively on Coursera.”

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