Mesquite security guard who was attacked while on the job on Saturday has died, police confirmed

Mesquite, Texas – The 43-year-old Patrick Prejean, a security guard at a local gym, who was attacked while doing his job on Saturday has died, the local authorities confirmed.

According to the police, the investigation about the incident is ongoing and they haven’t shared many information with the public yet.

The incident reports indicates that Prejean was attacked inside Fitness Connection on Town East Boulevard where he worked as a security guard following an altercation between him and several other people who were inside the gym at the time of the incident.

It remains unknown what caused the incident and how many people were involved.

The police said they are still waiting the official cause of death from the medical examiner. Until then, it’s very likely they won’t provide additional information.

While the public is seeking more details about the incident, the victim’s family is upset because the police didn’t provide additional information to them.

In the Saturday’s incident, the victim suffered heavy injuries and was transferred to hospital in critical condition. He was later pronounced dead.

Michelle Hall is Prejean’s cousin.

“We want answers because of the way it happened and how sudden it happened. He was a gentle giant,” she said.

A purported video of the incident was surfaced online showing Prejean’s final moments. The gym owner also confirmed that the victim has been working as a security guard in the gym since last summer.

His family was not informed by the police about Prejean’s death, but they learned about the incident from the video posted online.

“We are all numb because we can’t believe he is gone and the way it happened,” she said. “He has three boys that’s left without a father.”

Fitness Connection released a statement saying, “We strongly condemn all acts of violence in our communities, but especially within the walls of our fitness facilities. We send our deepest condolences to the family of the victim of this needless attack.”

The gym is cooperating with the police providing all the needed information they have. In addition, the police were able to identify some of the people that were inside the gym at the time of the incident, but no charges and arrests are made so far because autoroutes are waiting for the official cause of death.

As the investigation continues, this family says they won’t stop until they get justice for their loved one.

“I will miss his smile. I posted on social media my favorite picture is when he had his cowboy boots on. When he came to my mom’s house, he was clean,” Hall said. “He didn’t deserve to leave us like that.”

This is a developing story. Once more details are available, we will update the case. Stay with us!

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